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How to Set New Goals and Achieve Them as Life Changes

In a perfect world, we would be able to continue improving our whole lives. Not just in running, but in everything; our personal development, our relationships, our compassion and love. All of it. Except life doesn’t happen that way, and actually, we probably wouldn’t want it to even if we DID have the choice, as…

Why It’s Okay to Admit You Are Struggling

Awhile back, it came to my mind that there was a wonderful story I wrote about a few years ago about this very thing, not¬†speaking up. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of your competitiveness when you are just trying to enjoy a run or to even make the most of your run by taking…

How Do You Make a Vision Board?

The new year is here and we are almost halfway through the month of January, but I think this is still a valuable exercise, and like my good friend Josh Trent said when I interviewed him, we should be focusing on habit change, not just New Years Resolutions. For that reason, you can do this…

23 Thoughts for 23 Miles

Don’t you get bored? How often have you heard that when you say that you are a runner? ALLLLLLL the time, right? What do you tell them? Well, if your response is like mine, you watch the surprise cover their face as you say, well, yeah, actually sometimes I do…..oh, and I spend a lot…

Letting Go of Control; Trust Your Instincts

You may have noticed I have been very quiet over the last few weeks. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, it is okay, but lets just say I have been a little off…..with everything in my life. I have not really had any interest in talking to people; my family, friends, even Steve sometimes. I…

How to Get Over a Bad Race

Hello Friends! Anyway, today I have a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers out there….I am sure you have heard of her, if not, you need to check her out NOW! I am honored to¬†have Amanda Loudin, aka Miss Zippy. We have become great friends over the last year, and she is someone…
Elite runner Tina Muir talks about how "doing the best you can" does not always mean going hard. Sometimes going easy is what your body needs, and this post explains how to run easy.

Redefining “Do The Best You Can”

A good while ago,¬†I sat down and started writing. Before I knew it, I had an entire post written on why running easy is so hard. Completely unplanned, but I felt that it was worth sharing. I was shocked to see the response by the end of the day, not just from comments, but from…
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