When the Soreness Has Faded

With each marathon I have done, the soreness has lasted less time, which is a good sign, right? Well yes, you don’t look like you have been beaten up while you walk around, and of course, not being in pain is good…although a sick part of me kind of likes the post marathon soreness, as…

23 Thoughts for 23 Miles

Don’t you get bored? How often have you heard that when you say that you are a runner? ALLLLLLL the time, right? What do you tell them? Well, if your response is like mine, you watch the surprise cover their face as you say, well, yeah, actually sometimes I do…..oh, and I spend a lot…

Are You Running Too Many Workouts in Marathon Training?

I was surprised that when I put up a picture about my workout on Instagram, I got quite a few questions from other runners about why doing two workouts is a rare occurrence for me. Most weeks during marathon training I only do one workout per week. This surprises a lot of people, but with marathon…

California International Marathon: Fueling Plan

One of the topics I get asked about the most through emails and comments is what I use to fuel my runs. I have posted about it before, shared with you exactly how I practiced in the buildup to both London Marathon races, but this year, we are changing it up a little. I know…

The London Marathon 2016 Race Recap (2:37:35)

Somehow, it has been 5 weeks since I left the US. The time that seemed so long has absolutely FLOWN by, and if it wasn’t for Steve waiting at the other end, I would be tempted to stay longer to enjoy more time with friends and family as a “normal person” rather than hyper-focused-on-my-running-person. BUT, today…
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