23 Thoughts for 23 Miles

Don’t you get bored?

How often have you heard that when you say that you are a runner?

ALLLLLLL the time, right?

What do you tell them?

Well, if your response is like mine, you watch the surprise cover their face as you say, well, yeah, actually sometimes I do…..oh, and I spend a lot of time NOT enjoying it too.

I love seeing the look they give me next, like I have just shattered their world!

You mean you dont feel good every day!?

Heck no!

Especially not right now while I am in the peak of marathon mileage.

I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts I had during my long run this past Sunday.

I was tired going into it, so I knew it was going to be a rough one, but it is funny to see where the mind wanders.

And here is where mine went:

  1. Damn! I feel good! This is gonna be great!
  2. Eaassssy now, Tina, you have a LONG way to go. I wish I hadn’t worn my tank top, hmmm, where can I dump it?
  3. How do I need to pee already? Oh, here is a bridge, I hope no one comes (they didn’t!)
  4. Almost 1/4 way through! Agh! Stop thinking like that, just run, Tina. Think about all those people who do not get the opportunity to do this, you are SO lucky….yes, yes I am, you are right. You are so wise, Tina.
  5. How am I so tired already? I have a looooonnggg way to go.
  6. Time for a drink, YAY! Thank you UCAN, you are so refreshing. (use coupon code TINAMUIR for 15% off)
  7. I just realized something…..the wind is behind me….uh oh.
  8. Okay, part one complete, into the horse park I go.
  9. My calves/Achilles kinda hurt….on both sides. Am I even gonna make it the whole run? I do 9 miles almost every day, why does this feel like I have been running for 3 years?
  10. Almost halfway, Tina! This time a week ago I was getting ready to speed up, I can’t even imagine doing that today, but I kinda wish I was, at least that way I would be able to think about something else but feeling sorry for myself, get a grip woman!
  11. Halfway! Only one more mile until another drink, I can’t wait!
  12. *Woman in horse park yells at me, telling me horses have the right of way in here, as I dipped under a rope instead of standing for 5 minutes*. Whatever lady, I do NOT want to stop! *Note: I realize this is a snobby, high and mighty response….apologies!*
  13. Just 10 miles to go! Only a little more than a normal run. 10 MILES!?! That is forever. It’s alright, Tina. In 5 miles you can take a gel, that will be a burst of energy.
  14. On the way back now, just got the legacy trail left to go. *Talks to self* Come on Tina, you can do this.
  15. How many hills do I have left…..*counts hills*, actually, never mind, more than miles I have left, I don’t want to know.
  16. I wonder what I am going to put as my Instagram picture when I get back?
  17. Last giant hill….wait….no…..there is one more. Pump your arms, Tina. Just make it up this hill and then there is a nice down. Speaking of downs, I really need to practice running them, CIM has downhills, and I am not that good at them.
  18. WOOHOOO gel, I wonder how long it will take for it to hit me. Will I notice a sudden difference like Run Gum? Damnit, got some gel on my fingers *uses sweat to try to wipe stickiness off*. Yuck.
  19. Four miles to go. Wait! 4! I thought I had three. Ugh. I am so tired. Just keep lifting those legs up. 30 minutes, Tina, you can do 30 minutes.
  20. Now I really am on the last hill. I had better not have to wait at the light, I don’t think I can stop. *times it just right to get right across light*. HA HA Mr Rollerblade, I caught you, seeeee yaaa sucker!
  21. 15 minutes, 15 minutes! That is do-able. Just gotta add a loop around Lexmark. Gah, my hips ache. The crusted together feeling, I remember this one.
  22. So close! I hope that in the race I am long finished by this time on the clock. Maybe I will be walking around celebrating. What would I be doing 10 minutes after a marathon? Hugging Steve hopefully.
  23. I can’t wait to down my ice water in the car….and then lie on the floor. Must not lie on the floor. I won’t get back up.

And 2hrs 49 minutes later, I was finished.

I proceeded to lie on the floor….at home though, I managed to stop myself from doing it in the YMCA parking lot.

Now, that being said, before anyone thinks that you need to be SO exhausted ALL the time that you can barely walk to the bathroom without feeling tired, I have not pushed my body that far.

In fact, in my daily life, I feel completely normal, and do not really even notice much difference to running less mileage, the only time I notice a difference is going up the stairs or when I start to run. Within an hour of finishing my run, I feel back to normal, as if it never happened.

Just wanted to make sure no one thought that’s what I meant by being tired 😉

How many of those sound familiar to you?

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  • LOL! I have so many of the same thoughts and I definitely count only how many hills I have left!! Good to know we at least share this in common 🙂 You are too funny!!

  • Every. Single. Thought. Lol! If it was easy everyone would do it, right?

  • Definitely recognize these. I’m the type that thinks cyclically, as well–I’ll get something, even a thought, not necessarily a song, stuck in my head and it just will keep coming back!

  • Love this post! Isn’t it the truth? But we love running anyways and our brains and legs quickly forget! Living in Florida, number 2 happens all the time, “oh I’ll be fine in a tank top” and then I realize what a bad idea that was a few miles into the run. Love following your training!

  • Oh definitely! I try not to count down but on long runs it’s really hard not to think about how many miles to go. It’s funny that you mentioned stairs- that’s always where I realized I was more tired than I thought too. It’s crazy how energized I am this week with the marathon behind me!

  • i love when you post things like this!!! definitely makes me feel better because i have these same thought! ok not the horse one lol but still. this post made my day today 🙂

  • Mile 7–the wind is behind you. isn’t that a good thing so you can go faster?

  • I have a lot of these same thoughts! I definitely start counting down the minutes once there’s only 30 minutes to go. And then afterwards my brain is always like, that wasn’t so bad!

  • Hilarious post, Tina. Isn’t it amazing what “runs” through our minds when we run? I only did an 8.5 mile tempo-ish run this morning, since I just came back from Iceland last night. Some of my random thoughts: “I can’t wait to get home and drink my soy cappuccino.” At end of my fastest mile- “C’mon, you can do anything for a few minutes.” (Toward end) “Just run to that boathouse and then you can cool down.” LOL.

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf
    October 21, 2016 10:52 am

    haha I love this and getting a peak inside your head!!

  • Ha! I loved this. Every word. It’s like you’re in my brain for my long runs too. lol except instead of horses my issue is older folk crowding the greenway here, like they walk walk side by side all the way across (we live in a retirement community basically lol). Promising myself gels helps me get through the long runs. That’s a great time too by the way. You’re a strong woman!

  • I also love the thought of the gel at the next 5 miles. Keeps me going:) the ONLY time gels taste good is on a long run! . I remember trying a gel for the first time at an expo and thought it was awful. On a run they taste like cake frosting

  • Yes! I play mental games to keep motivating myself. ☺

    Btw, saw you run the KY5K Saturday in the middle of your long run–so cool! (I did my best ever PR by over a minute but nothing like what you manage.) I’m glad Tim had you talk a bit, so I discovered your social media! I look forward to reading more of your journey.

  • This is a great post! Really enjoy following your training. Do you carry small bottles in your bullet shorts? Or does Steve hand them to you when he is on the bike? You may have posted about this but I was not able to find it! Thank you Tina!

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