Why It’s Okay to Admit You Are Struggling

Awhile back, it came to my mind that there was a wonderful story I wrote about a few years ago about this very thing, not speaking up. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of your competitiveness when you are just trying to enjoy a run or to even make the most of your run by taking…

When the Soreness Has Faded

With each marathon I have done, the soreness has lasted less time, which is a good sign, right? Well yes, you don’t look like you have been beaten up while you walk around, and of course, not being in pain is good…although a sick part of me kind of likes the post marathon soreness, as…

Falmouth Road Race 2016

When I look back on this summer, or this year actually. I can’t believe how much has happened. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Mostly good, some bad, but whatever way you look at it, life events have a HUGE impact on you and your ability to function. The best way I can…

The One Reminder All Runners Need

I have talked many times before about how important I believe it is to run by feel, that you should try to avoid looking at your GPS watch during workouts (and easy runs), and you should try to just listen to what your body is telling you rather than looking for data, which can be…

Failures Make You Stronger- Sara Slattery

I already know that you enjoy reading my website because you get to see the ups and many downs of being an elite turned mom but I wanted to show you that it is not just me, but all elites go through struggles, and have the same doubts as you do. Hopefully by the time I…

Letting go of Perfection

I have spent time on the podcast making sure things are correct. I have been looking at many new projects I have lined up, do they make sense? Are people going to like them? Or am I just rambling on again? I spent time getting images together and editing them to make sure they fit…

How to Get Over a Bad Race

Hello Friends! Anyway, today I have a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers out there….I am sure you have heard of her, if not, you need to check her out NOW! I am honored to have Amanda Loudin, aka Miss Zippy. We have become great friends over the last year, and she is someone…
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