Why I Have Been Seeing a Therapist

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I am honest. You know that. I know that. I am proud to say that honesty and transparency came from my grandma, or nanny as I used to call her. Nanny Muir was the toughest person I knew, and she always told you the truth. Like that time she told me my legs were chubby…
Elite Runner Tina Muir shares the aspects of recovery that keep her body strong during marathon training, and how you can apply them to your training to make sure you are race ready for your next marathon.

Fuel Your Recovery- Fuel and Sleep

fueling, recovery, sleep
I am well into this segment of training, and that means recovery is so critical. If I am going to make it to the start (and finish) line healthy, I need to make recovery a priority, probably even more of a priority than the hard workouts themselves. After all, it is better to go into…