California International Marathon: Fueling Plan

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One of the topics I get asked about the most through emails and comments is what I use to fuel my runs. I have posted about it before, shared with you exactly how I practiced in the buildup to both London Marathon races, but this year, we are changing it up a little. I know…

How Controlling Coffee Changed my Game- Esther Erb

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Esther and I have known one another for quite a few years now. We met through my darling bridesmaid, Frances Koons, and we have had many long runs together over the years to chat about live and running while I was in Philly. I have featured Esther on my blog before, primarily in my Female…
Lindsay Cotter from Cotter Crunch shares 5 reasons athletes need to eat fish. If you want to stay healthy, and run to your potential, you need to check this out, and try her rosemary and orange zest salmon recipe!

5 Reasons For Athletes To Eat Fish

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A few years ago I had my first guest blogger for you. Lindsay Cotter! I have known Lindsay pretty much from the start of my blogging/podcast journey, and even though she is one of the busiest people I know, she has a heart of gold, and always wants to help others! I am so excited…
Elite Runner Tina Muir shares the aspects of recovery that keep her body strong during marathon training, and how you can apply them to your training to make sure you are race ready for your next marathon.

Fuel Your Recovery- Fuel and Sleep

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I am well into this segment of training, and that means recovery is so critical. If I am going to make it to the start (and finish) line healthy, I need to make recovery a priority, probably even more of a priority than the hard workouts themselves. After all, it is better to go into…

Fuel Intake for Endurance Exercise

It’s unofficially racing season! Road racing season that is. Everyone I interact with seems to be preparing or recovering from a race. Twitter is buzzing with nervous energy as people prepare toĀ fight off their inner demons.Ā One often overlooked factor for those racingĀ the ultimate test of human spirit, AKA the marathonĀ is how to make sure you…