Running while pregnant is a confusing and scary topic

Stop being so stressed, feel more confident about knowing how to stay fit during pregnancy, and listen to the Running for Real Pregnancy and Postpartum Podcast Series.

When I started my journey from overcoming amenorrhea to becoming a mother, I wanted something to listen to while I was getting my period back, while I was waiting to find out whether I was pregnant or not, while I was waiting for morning sickness to leave me alone.

But there was nothing out there. There were books on how to stay fit while pregnant, and there were articles about running while pregnant, but most of them didn’t answer the scary question; is running while pregnant safe? Just how much? Will I harm my baby if I run too hard? What about after pregnancy, when can I start running again?

I decided to create my own, and share my findings with you.

This series gives you a place to learn from medical professionals. You will hear from OBGYNs, authors of stay fit while pregnant books, neuroscientists, pelvic floor therapists, researchers, registered dietitians and more! Through your whole journey to motherhood and beyond, this Running Through and After Pregnancy Series has everything you need.

You want to put your baby first, but staying fit while pregnant and postpartum is also important to you. This series will give you everything you need to know. Download the Pregnancy and Postpartum Series today!

This series includes:

5+ hours of audio content

  • Interviews with pregnancy medical experts who also understand runners and how important exercise is for us
  • Listen on the go, in your car, or while you are dealing with morning sickness

6 episodes packed with advice for runners preparing to become a mother

  • Each episode focuses on one aspect of the journey to motherhood (and beyond) with advice on how to safely handle each stage of pregnancy
  • Easy to navigate and find the information you need

Pregnancy and postpartum guide to give you confidence through every stage

  • Detailed, easy-to-use guide with bullet points from interviews
  • Additional resources on where to go to find the right provider for you

Your questions the Pregnancy and Postpartum Series will answer:

Overcoming amenorrhea and preparing to start trying for a baby

  • I haven’t had a period in a long time, do I have to stop running to get pregnant?
  • How much weight do I have to gain?
  • What fertility foods will increase my chance of getting pregnant?
  • How to find a doctor or OB who understands runners
  • What else can I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Early pregnancy fears

  • Why is running so much harder in early pregnancy?
  • Is running too hard during pregnancy dangerous?
  • Should I run when I have morning sickness?
  • If I have pain, should I stop running?
  • What are the health benefits of exercising during pregnancy?
  • What your cravings mean

Safely running through pregnancy

  • Is running while pregnant really safe?
  • How much running is safe for pregnant women?
  • How do I know when to stop running?
  • What foods should I be eating to help my baby grow?

Balancing staying fit and keeping your baby healthy

  • I feel like I can’t run anymore, what is wrong with me?
  • Why can other women run all the way through pregnancy, but I can’t?
  • How to handle judgement from other people about your exercise
  • How to get out of the competitive mindset as a runner

How to return to running after birth

  • What damage happens to our bodies during pregnancy?
  • What can I do to help my body heal faster?
  • When can I start running again?
  • How common is incontinence?
  • How soon can I pick a race to train for?

Featuring these pregnancy and postpartum professionals:

Take it from them:

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Hi, I am Tina, the founder of Running for Real. I am a 2:36 marathoner, 1:13 half marathoner, and have run for Great Britain twice in European and World Championships. Although I am now putting my running career on hold as a new mother, I still want to do what I can to help others with their running goals.

I host the Running for Real Podcast, which comes out every Friday, and I created the Running for Real Community, which has been very successful in building relationships and friendships with runners all over the world. If you are struggling with injuries, you will LOVE it there!

You can find out more about me and my story on this page.