Your Best IS Enough and You Will Still Be You

Ooof this makes me nervous.

You may find time before a race where you are thinking, I can confidently say that the paper shows I am ready to race well, but at the same time, I am keeping the pressure off.

It can be easy at this point to start building it up in our minds, seeing it as almost a life or death situation, that we HAVE to run well or…….*insert here*.

It can be easy to forget that there will be other races, there will be other opportunities, and that all we can really do is do the best for ourselves and our fitness for this point in our lives.

I have interviewed Jared Ward for the run to the top podcast as well as Running4Real, and it was almost eerie how similar his approach to racing is to mine, but it gave me strength.

Jared’s story (who has qualified for the Olympics, and then finished 6th) is not about a magic workout or a moment when the stars aligned.

It is about putting in the work, day after day, and building up slowly over time, at a pace your body can handle.

It is about going into the race knowing what your training has demonstrated you are capable of, and believing in that with your whole heart.

This is where working with a coach comes in, and you can discuss what is realistic for you, but the principles are the same.

You should know what would be an A, B, and C goal is for your current fitness, and be prepared to stick to your plan, no matter what anyone else is doing.

BUT obviously adjusting that goal dependent on conditions, rather than trying to brute force your way to that goal no matter what.

If you cross the line knowing you ran YOUR best race, thats all you can ask for.

If people beat you, well then good for them, they are better than you, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

That doesn’t mean they always will be better than you, but if you ran your best for that day, that is all you can ask.

So, as you go into your final workout, which could be another race, as for me I will remind myself of all that I have done to get to this point.

The training is all part of the journey, and I know I have done what I can to take the next little step on my running journey, but no matter what, I am proud of the way I have approached my training to this point.

Now all you need to do is rest up, and be smart these next few days.

So much can happen in those days, but I plan on just trusting the process, and continuing to do the final prep work to be ready for my race day.

I would never have made it this far without Team Ice Cream, they have each played their part in getting me ready, and my sponsors have helped fuel my dreams.

You all make me realize that no matter what happens, I will be loved, I will still be me, and I can just give it my very best.

That truly is all we can ask of ourselves, so thank you for believing in me.

Think we could be friends?

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  • I believe in you 110% you know that! No matter what, you are the total package and racing is just one thing you do…and happen to be amazing at! I’ll never forget what my husband said to me after a particularly hard race where a rival beat me by 30 seconds or so. I was whining at my husband that “ugh!!! I just cannot believe SHE won!” and he replied “but you win in every other way.” He meant I had a much more balanced life, family and career and, he was right! I never forgot that. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xoxo

  • Great post Tina and a wonderful reminder for anyone. You are so much more than running and I’m glad you know and remember that. I do believe having an A-C goal is important for every race. Some days you never know what you’ll have!

  • Tina, this is such a lovely reminder for all of us. it is so easy to fall into comparison trap and forget about amazing things/talents we have. best wishes for your 10K and obvi hugeee hug for the big day <3 <3

  • Jessica Kuepfer
    November 23, 2016 9:13 am

    Best of luck on your taper. You will crush it – I just know it!

  • A fantastic reminder for all, and in all situations. This is something that I have to think about and remind myself of on a regular basis as well, both in running and in business (and in life)

  • Absolutely- you work hard and run your best, what more can you ask for? I’m glad you’re able to take the pressure off a little too and let your body tell you what you are capable of that day. Excited for you!

  • I always go into a marathon with an a, b, c. C is ALWAYS to finish! 🙂 Best wishes, Tina.

  • I believe in you and know that you will ROCK that 10k and marathon!! Whatever happens, you are still completely amazing, powerful, inspirational in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your true thoughts and feelings with us, your fans. You are AWESOME!

  • You are so prepared for a great race, Tina! No matter what happens on race day, you have put in the hard work and had an incredible training cycle – and you’re being smart by putting the trust in yourself and your body. This is such a great reminder to read 10 days out from CIM. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • You will do really well! You have done all the Training, and you are a superb Runner. Most of us can only dream to Run anywhere near as well as you (even if just for a few minutes!). All the Best with your California International Marathon!

  • You’ve got this!! xo

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