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23 Thoughts for 23 Miles

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Don’t you get bored? How often have you heard that when you say that you are a runner? ALLLLLLL the time, right? What do you tell them? Well, if your response is like mine, you watch the surprise cover their face as you say, well, yeah, actually sometimes I do…..oh, and I spend a lot…
Elite runner Tina Muir shares her insight on what she thinks about during runs to prepare. Great motivation on how to get the most out of your running.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Long Runs

If you are not a runner, the chances are, you have asked me about what I think about during all those miles of running, or how I do not get bored. Running 70-90 miles a week, mostly alone, means a lot of thinking, and plenty of time for those negative thoughts to creep in, so what…