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Ultimate Superfood Breakfast: Runner Museli

When I was younger, I remember seeing muesli as an option in the store, something adults would eat for breakfast. A few times I had tried it, and wondered why the heck people would ever like that. Why would you want uncooked porridge oats to chew on like pieces of flaky cardboard? And what was…

When Your Indulging Wreaks Havoc

Who doesn’t like to indulge after a hard race?? Yeah everyone does. I mean you have accomplished something great just by completing the training and taking that first step onto the starting line, you deserve it. Here were some of my feelings about maybe indulging for a little TOO long after a race. And the…

11 Runner Friendly Meal Ideas for Healthy Eating

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite recipes and food combinations that I have been eating for meals since making these dietary changes. I think you all think it is much more complex than it actually is. I do like to change recipes all the time. I would say well over…

High Fat, High Protein Diet: What EXACTLY Do Elite Runners Eat?

UPDATE: Although I did use this diet for a while, I can now confidently say that I do not think it was good for me long term. I strongly recommend taking a listen to this podcast with Nancy Clark, to hear why I changed my mind. —- I talked about how I felt so much better…

Why You Should Buy 100% Grass Fed Beef

The opinions in this post are my own. I have researched for this post, but I am not being paid by anyone to write this. I am recommending based on my experience and research, but this decision is yours to make. About 5 years ago, when my auntie Jenny would come over for dinner, she would either…
Lindsay Cotter from Cotter Crunch shares 5 reasons athletes need to eat fish. If you want to stay healthy, and run to your potential, you need to check this out, and try her rosemary and orange zest salmon recipe!

5 Reasons For Athletes To Eat Fish

A few years ago I had my first guest blogger for you. Lindsay Cotter! I have known Lindsay pretty much from the start of my blogging/podcast journey, and even though she is one of the busiest people I know, she has a heart of gold, and always wants to help others! I am so excited…

27 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Speed Recovery

Inflammation. It is definitely a word we are used to hearing on a daily basis. We all have little pains here or there that come from inflammation. Exercising beyond what your body is ready for will often result in inflammation. It is, after all, our bodies natural response to something being not quite right. It is…
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