Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup

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Happy Monday! For Steve and I, it is HONEYMOON WEEK! How is that even possible!? We are SO excited about it, although frantically running around trying to get things ready. I have a fantastic lineup of guest posts for you coming in the month of December, but today I am giving you a little teaser.  By…
This vegetarian pad thai a great recovery meal for runners, made by elite runner Tina Muir.

Vegetable Pad Thai

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Another Marvelous Monday already? Oh how time flies! Although Steve had a meet with his team on Valentines Day, we actually had some very special moments, and I loved that our gift ideas worked. We set a $10 limit, and had to be creative. We both made one another a gift, and it was really…
This Crunchy Cashew Salad with Honey Ginger Dressing is a great nutrient dense meal that elite runner Tina Muir enjoys to fuel her training.

Crunchy Cashew Salad with Honey Ginger Dressing

Happy Marvelous Meatless Monday! I feel like maybe I should make that even more of a tongue twister to say….how about, Morning my marvelous meatless monday mates! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I had some time to do some errands I have been putting off, including updating my blog, which I have been wanting…
Elite runner Tina Muir shares a healthy meatless monday meal to start your detox after overindulging during the holidays.

Sweet Potato Tempeh Skillet

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Good Morning friends! How was your Christmas? Apologies for the lack of communication last week, but Steve and I were making the most of being back in Michigan. I had lots of fun times with my future in-laws, who made sure I felt very welcomed, and saw quite a few friends….but not as many as…
This Berry and Kale Quinoa Salad from elite runner Tina Muir can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is a wonderful way to bring winter and summer together for a nutritious meal year round. This is a great runner meal! Oh yum! @tinamuir88

Berry Quinoa Kale Salad

Good Morning! It is a marvelous monday indeed! Did you see my Exciting Announcement? Today I start my position as Community Manager for Runners Connect! Is it pathetic that I am actually excited about working. I have felt like a lazy slob the last few months, and it feels good to be able to put…
Using fall favorite ingredients to create a delicious, quick salad to speed recovery

Kale, Butternut Squash and Feta Salad

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Happy Marvelous Monday, this weekend really was marvelous! Flew by in the blink of an eye, but I have some BIG NEWS……for those of you who do not already know…..I AM ENGAGED!! Steve proposed this weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who has congratulated us! I will do a post on Wednesday, Meatless Monday still…

Super Super Sweet Potatoes

Happy Marvelous Monday! I had a weekend full of organizing and purging my belongings. The Type A part of me loved it , but the “normal” part of me wanted to just throw everything into a dumpster……thankfully I am an “eco nut”, and would never actually do that! For my birthday week, I indulged….again. I…

Summer Tofu Salad with Almond Butter Dressing

Happy Marvelous Meatless Monday! Other than a fair bit of traveling, I had a great weekend, with lots of good eats….another reason I need to participate in these meatless, healthy meals! When I eat out, I get whatever the heck I want, good for the soul, but not for training! Buuuutt, I like to think…
These turkey and sweet potato pita pockets are the perfect healthy dinner filled with lots of superfoods. I need more of these healthy meals!

Turkey and Sweet Potato Pita Pockets

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Sometimes when in recipe development stage, I think about meals I have enjoyed in my favorite restaurants, and how I could either replicate, or make a healthier version of them. This is how the idea for these pita pockets started out. I thought of them as a different adaptation….maybe even more nutritious version of the…

Six Super Food Salad

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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of ups and downs; so many wonderful moments as I am surrounded with love, and some major challenges to keep my feet on the ground. I have had my parents here this week, and we have been making the most of their time by enjoying the best…

Hearty Chicken Tortilla Soup

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It is not quite cold enough for winter soups, but I wanted to bring the crockpot out of hiding, and a soup is always a safe bet. I always try to make sure my soups are hearty and filling, as there is nothing worse than a canned soup that is literally broth with some soggy…

Thai Chopped Chicken Salad

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I intended to call this a Cobb salad, but unfortunately, when I asked my friend Mr. Wikipedia what ingredients were in a Cobb salad, he responded; “A good way to remember the components is to use the acronym EAT COBB: Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Chicken, Onion, Bacon, Blue cheese”. Although this is a handy way to remember the…

Smoked Salmon Summer Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing

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I try to introduce new healthy meals to my family in the hope that they will make them again. After three days of eating out, I decided that a salad was a good bet, and I adapted this Salmon Vegetable Salad with Miso Dressing recipe to suit my family’s preferences and make it more accessible (I…

Thai Spinach Salad Pita Pockets

  Have you ever been on a trip where you have to eat every meal out, and healthy eating goes out the window? I often find I come back craving fruits and vegetables, and want to get healthy as soon as possible. Usually, this means a few days of vegetarian recipes that are easy to make,…
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