Hearty Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken, dinner, lunch, soup
It is not quite cold enough for winter soups, but I wanted to bring the crockpot out of hiding, and a soup is always a safe bet. I always try to make sure my soups are hearty and filling, as there is nothing worse than a canned soup that is literally broth with some soggy…

Moroccan Chicken Couscous

chicken, couscous, dinner
As my kitchen skills improve, and more of my recipes are turning out to be a great success, my confidence to try new cushiness is growing. I spent a little time last week researching Moroccan flavorings, and came up with this Moroccan couscous. This is an extremely flavorful dish, your tastebuds are treated to a…

Spiced Haitian Chicken and Rice

chicken, dinner, rice
While visiting friends this summer, I was cooked a meal that sounded rather strange.¬†However, I wanted to be open minded, and good job too as it was really good, in a very unique way! The recipe came from Haiti, and contained an ingredient I had always wanted to try; plantains. I was not sure what…