Elite Runner Tina Muir talks about why we find it so hard to run easy, and what we can do to make sure we recover fully to race to our potential, when it really matters.

5 Reasons Why Running Easy is So Hard

Although there are many benefits of running, the one that lures most of us is the success we get when we run faster. The endorphin rush is better, the satisfaction and pride is strong, and it feels good to know your hard work is paying off. Sometimes though, when you have run too hard, either the…

The Week That Could Have Changed It All

Last weekend I thought about writing an update post. I was trying to get ahead with my blogging as we had a busy week planned, and we are heading up to Michigan City this weekend (CAKE and CATERING TESTING! EEEKKK!). On Sunday night, I created a new post, and began to think about what I…

Life as a British Elite Runner in America

First….a little background Most of you know that I work full time for Runners Connect (UPDATE: I stopped working for Runners Connect in March 2017.) That is a little different to a lot of runners at my level, as American elites are able to dedicate their a larger chunk of their time to chasing down those running…

A Real Life Story of Self Doubt

I am writing this post at a time I am feeling weak. I know I am not weak, and I know it is a sign of strength that I am able to share my feelings, and especially if I do release this post, it will show my courage to put myself out there. I hope…

Is this the End?

This week I have taken a long ride into 2014 on the struggle bus. I was lucky enough to be presented with a cold….my first cold in a long time, so I was a bit of a baby. As I generally eat so healthy, I do not get sick very often….so when I do I…

The Ups and Downs of Running….and Life

On my About Me page, I talk a lot about my running journey, and what I have accomplished so far. While training for a marathon and I thought it may be interesting for people to read about what I am doing to prepare. I am considering writing a weekly post about my training, and my…
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