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Happy Friday! I am afraid I do not have anything new and exciting to share with you today as I am currently in Charlottesville, VA. Steve and I decided it was a good time to go back and see how my form compares to the last time I was here, and then see what we…

Why You Should Consider Stepping Away from the Marathon

I have recapped, I have revisited, and I have reflected. You are probably sick of hearing about London Marathon by now, and you will be happy to hear that this is not another post about the race, but many people have reached out to ask…what’s next? Time to share: I already told you it is…

How Running Drills Will Help You Run Faster

As an elite runner, it is important to put a lot of time and effort into making sure you do everything you can to be successful. However, if you have read my blog for any amount of time, you will know that I pride myself on being easy to relate to, and real. I am…

How to Use Strides to Run Faster

Today I would like to focus on one of the nemeses (yep, I really did just use Merriam- Webster to make sure that was the plural of the word) of marathon training; strides. In college, I loved doing strides. Okay, love may be a little strong, but I used to feel powerful and fast striding…
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