How to Run in the Heat: Tips for Summer Running

Running in the summer can make training really hard. Especially if you have a fall marathon, you know you need to get out there, but how do you do it without feeling like you are going to pass out at any second? Well, firstly I would check out my article on summer running and what to wear…

Adapting to Weather Changes: Humidity

Weather can really mess us up. We can train hard, have everything right, and then at the last second, a weather change can make our entire race plan go down the toilet. Humidity is definitely one of those bad weather situations that can cause a drastic decline in performance. BUT, before I go on, I…

How to Modify Your Race Plan to Run in the Wind

In our plushy (is that the right word?) little world, we can come up with things to complain about that really would not be even worth mentioning in other countries around the world, but as we are lucky to live in the countries we do, these are our biggest problems. One of these first world…