Summer Running- What to Wear at Every Temperature

Over the winter I posted about what to wear during the winter months, complete with pictures, and examples of what I wear at each of the temperatures. That has actually been one of my most popular posts, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a summer one.

One thing to be said about this summer one though; I am a lot more comfortable wearing a sports bra and sports than a lot of you reading may be. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be wearing a sports bra and shorts where I live, and I have definitely run in areas in the past where it was not a good idea at all, but for me, I am wearing it for comfort reasons; to stay cool, rather than flaunting.

This could easily turn into a debate. I have seen many posts about how women should not run in sports bras, yet we often see men running shirtless in the summer months. It is just a shame that our culture differs so much between the way men and women are looked at. I do not want this to turn into a post about gender stereotypes, or throw all men into one group, so I will stop right here.

I know a lot of you may not be comfortable with wearing a sports bra, tank tops, or even shorts, and that is definitely your decision (remember Be Strong, Be Brave, be YOU?), this is just my recommendation based on what I would chose. Just remember you probably want to run first thing in the morning, or late at night, you do not want to overheat, THAT is dangerous 🙂

Before I begin, I did write a full post on running in the heat, which you should check out first.

A few notes about summer running:

  • If you are working out/running hard, you are going to overheat a lot easier than you would on a recovery run, and may need to dress for a higher temperature (dressing like it is 70, when its 65). If you are running hard, this is when you definitely should try to run before the sun comes up.
  • Sometimes before the sun rises, the humidity can be almost unbearable. I did write a post about running in humidity to give you some tips, but it will be your decision whether you prefer to run in the humidity or the heat….as on those really hot summer days, it is going to be one or the other. If you are running hard, it is always going to be better to deal with the humidity.
  • Sunglasses should be there anytime the sun is out in the summer. This will protect your eyes, especially with the reflections that come off the cars and windows you run by.
  • Every day during summer, I wear something to keep the hair out of my face. I find when it is in my face, I just get flustered and hotter, so I would recommend you use either a band, hat, or pin it back away from your head….but I recommend something to cover your face, trust me it feels cooler!
  • If it is windy, you will want to run with the wind first, and back against the wind. It can be unbearably hot if you do it the other way around. This way, although it will slow you down a little. It will help with cooling you off, and will actually feel pretty good.

I have included my shoes in here, and you can read more about why I chose the shoes I did in my post about it, but realistically, in the summer, your feet are gonna get hot regardless, just try to pick thin, comfortable socks to go underneath 🙂

I am going to start with 55 degrees, if you want what to wear under this, check out my post on what to wear at every temperature in the winter. Sorry guys, I do not have pictures of men, but I am sure you can get the idea 🙂

55 degrees (13 C)

Tina Muir 50 degrees

60 degrees (16 C)

60 Degrees

65 degrees (18 C)

65 degrees

70 degrees (21 C)

70 degrees

75 degrees (24 C)

75 degrees

80+ degrees (27 C)

Once you get to this temperature, if you are not used to running in the heat, I would caution you against it. This is where you are getting to a dangerous zone, where you can overheat very easily. If you do decide to run, expect yourself to feel significantly worse than you usually would, and you will need to back off your pace a lot.

In case you do decide to run at this temperature:

80+ degrees


Sorry this is a backwards image, but I have only run in 80 degrees once, and this was it! I also LOVE the phrase on the back; “Faster Than You” 🙂

So there you have it, my best temperature guide for the summer. Please keep in mind that the heat and/or humidity will affect your running, and it will feel much more difficult. You also need to make sure you rehydrate like a boss afterwards, and you can read about this in my post about what drinks I use to stay hydrated. This is when EnduroPacks becomes especially important (remember you can use coupon code “tinamuir” for a $10 off discount).

Runners Connect has some great articles on summer running, including:

Temperature Calculator to show you how much the heat/humidity will affect your pace

Secrets for running in the heat

Adapting to running in the heat

Does sunscreen affect performance? (yes, we all should be wearing it on every run!)

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!

Until then, stay cool, and happy running…..unless you live on the other side of the world, in which case you may prefer my winter running guide 🙂

Heat or humidity? What is your best advice for summer running?

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  • carla birnberg
    June 10, 2015 5:28 am

    (((sharing and saving))) I just wog 😉 but newly back in the land of the HEAT HEAT HEAT I need all the tips. ALL 🙂

  • I love this Tina! I hear you on the sports bra thing but I’m just TOO HOT to care in the summer. I get hung up on the 50 degree temp range and usually overdress. I also always need to wear a hat/visor and there are so few visors I truly like so I will def check that one out. Thank you!!

  • Thanks for the post! It’s neat to see the outfits and suggestions.

    As someone who runs at 80+ degrees (today’s speedwork this afternoon may crack 90- South Carolina Problems), when it gets to that point, it isn’t so much about what you wear but adjusting your expectations and just doing what you can. I am running a lot of 5Ks this summer, just to build speed. I am not gunning for a PR, after about April here every single run is effort based anyway. So many people get down on themselves in the heat and talk about how slow they’ve gotten and just think that’s unacceptable but no one can run at 85 degrees like they do at 50 degrees.

    Safety is always the #1 thing, if it gets too bad, go inside, do spin, swim, or cross train. No run is worth risking a heat stroke or something similar over.

  • Great and totally comprehensive guide! I’m just getting back out in these types of conditions after being hurt, but also because Chicago is just now starting to get like this weather wise. It is going to be very interesting to acclimate!

  • Good tips! I need to start wearing a visor I think it would certainly help. I am so not a hat person. Just need to find a cute one right? I love summer running it just takes me a few weeks to get acclimated.

  • Michele Rosen
    June 10, 2015 7:59 am

    80 degrees is my marker too, it’s just really too hot for me to run comfortably at all! Going early in the morning usually avoids that except for heat waves when it won’t go below 85!

  • Cool post! You look awesome in all your gear.
    I’ve only just started wearing sports bras/crop tops on runs. I love how comfortable it is and how streamline I feel rather than having a vest flapping around me or chafing.
    I always wear suntan lotion on hot days – and will certainly be wearing it for my marathon on Sunday! And possibly a visor…not sure yet!

  • Girl, I would totally wear a sports bra if I felt confident enough! It’s HOT out there! Great post!

  • Lisa@runningoutofwine
    June 10, 2015 8:52 am

    Now you have me wanting to buy all the summer running clothes!! I typically wear oiselle shorts and tanks in the summer. I’ve never run in just a sports bra but I wouldn’t be opposed to it on a really hot day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Funny–I don’t know if it’s run yet, but I have a post coming on RunHaven on why women SHOULD be able to go out in just sports bra and shorts. No double standards! Great guide..

  • Okay Tina, it’s funny that you wrote about this today because my friend and I were just talking about running our long hot runs in pretty much a bathing suit, I guess kind of what triathletes wear??!!? Or something. I know people race in them but how practical are they for training in? We’re hitting 30 Celcius over here and although I do love running in the heat, I hate the feeling of sweating so much that my shorts stick to my thighs.

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf
    June 10, 2015 12:36 pm

    I love this Tina! This is so helpful to see your suggestions. I tend to get so hot on my runs so summer heat and humidity can be challenging!

  • This entire post makes me want to go shopping! So far Seattle has been cool when I run – usually about 45-55 degrees with a nice breeze off the Sammamish River – so I haven’t had to wear any of my summer running clothes yet. And I hear you on the sports bra thing – men run shirtless all the time in summer, so why can’t we wear sports bras?

  • This post is SO comprehensive-cheers! I love that it offers so many other links and breaks it down by 5 degree increments. I’m not comfy enough with stomach situation to run in just a sports bra, but once it gets hot hot hot, I may have to be . Thanks for the sports bra suggestion!

  • I should be running in a bra and shorts in Houston, because it is getting to be that humid!!! Love those orange shorts…Your body is AWESOME woman and you are rocking them! xoxo

  • Martina Di Marco
    June 10, 2015 3:09 pm

    My summer running wardrobe is very simple: anything higher than 65 degrees, sports bra & shorts. Period. I don’t care if people stare at me. I hate, hate running in the heat – it’s just plain tough for me and honestly really frustrating. Great suggestions, Tina! Heat vs humidity? I’d probably pick heat. Humidity just sucks the life out of me. My suggestions? Throw water over your head as often as you can and put ice cubes in your sports bra. I do that and pick one ice cube at a time (when nobody looks at me) as I go to refresh my neck, my temples, and my wrists. Whatever it takes, really. And add electrolytes to your water! Water alone during summer runs doesn’t do for me.

  • This is such a helpful post as so many new runners learn the hard way not to overdress! Humidity is the worst for me- I feel like I can’t breathe! Thankfully we only have a few days like that here. Houston was rough!

  • What a helpful post for runners! And btw, i love that last pic that’s backwards. you look so fit and toned. Lookin’ good 🙂

  • Great tips! I totally think women should wear sports bars if they want and not think twice about it!! I would much rather run in heat than humidity. Always love Runner’s Connect, so I will check out those articles for sure…

  • Julie Wunder
    June 11, 2015 8:33 am

    Great tips! I try my best to not run in temps above 75 or so!

  • I’ve been deciding if I want those Saucony rock it shorts. Thanks for sharing this Tina and I can already tell how this summer is going to be (UGH!).

  • Can you speak in celcius please because I live in north India

  • I dress the same in such weather for running your advice is really good

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