This delicious, healthy pizza is made with pureed beets instead of tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious, and a favorite of elite runner @tinamuir88

Beet Pizza with Feta and Spinach

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*Note- Sorry this sent out yesterday, someone was not paying attention to when February started! Those of you who signed up for my newsletter got a sneak peak! Okay, bear with me here. I know this sounds REALLY weird, and I am sure a heck of a lot of people are turning their noses up…

Pulled Pork and Roasted Sweet Potato Pizza

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Last week I was in heaven Bed Bath and Beyond, daydreaming about all the kitchen supplies I will someday be able to put on my registry, while shopping for a friends wedding present.  It brings butterflies to my stomach, thinking about the day I can go around and click whatever I want…..yes, I have heard…

Cauliflower Crust Veggie Pizza

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I am learning more and more that I am a bit of a sheep. I always thought I was independent; someone who doesn’t gave to peer pressure, does what she wants, but I keep hearing about how gluten free is the biggest “fad” of the moment. As today marks the end of my gluten free…

Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Pizza

For the last six months, I have been trying to eat real. That means trying to make as much from scratch as I possibly can, and trying to remove processed foods from my diet. Making your own pizza, for example, has various commitment levels to how homemade you want to go. You can buy it from…

Homemade Veggie Pizza with a Honey Wheat Crust

My family loves going out to eat at a pub near our house in St Albans called the Wicked Lady. They have a wonderful menu that features many appealing main meals to suit every preference. Everything is made to a very high standard so you have every confidence that whatever you get, it will be good. However, no…