Salmon, Spinach, and Broccoli Risotto

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Okay, I am going to share a secret with you. One of my favorite meals of all time. Actually, I am surprised I have not posted this before, but it is my go to dish when I want to make something I know will be good. We all know (well, foodies know), that risotto is…
#Healthy Dinner.: #Halloween Stuffed Pepper -kins. Filled with butternut squash risotto. Fun to make, and fun to eat! #FuelYourFuture

Halloween Stuffed Pepper-kins

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As I now consider myself a blogger, I wanted to try to keep up with all the other foodies, and start making themed foods. Most make mummy cookies, or candy corn blondies, but as much as I would love to eat those, they are not exactly matching up with my healthy eating blog. However, making…

Spiced Haitian Chicken and Rice

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While visiting friends this summer, I was cooked a meal that sounded rather strange.¬†However, I wanted to be open minded, and good job too as it was really good, in a very unique way! The recipe came from Haiti, and contained an ingredient I had always wanted to try; plantains. I was not sure what…