10 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to write a little post about Podcasts. I have only recently been introduced to them, and now I am officially a podcaster for Runners Connect, I want to learn about how to become better. I have loved doing the podcast, in fact it is probably my favorite part of the job, especially diving deep into the knowledge of experts within the running world.

I just want to say first, that I am not being paid by anyone for this post, this is my opinion, and my thoughts. It seemed quite fitting though, especially as a lot of people have been asking me about which podcasts I listen to, your wish is my command 🙂

Elite runner Tina Muir describes the one form of entertainment she will take with her on runs. Giving you the reasons why you should listen to podcasts, and which ones to try out!

I heard about Podcasts years ago, and always thought they were a little nerdy, I mean who wants to listen to two people talking to one another about something? I used to much rather listen to music, but after hearing the same song on the radio over and over, I was a little fed up of music.

I started to listen to podcasts, at first just to learn more about how to be a great host, but then I actually noticed I started to enjoy them, and now I listen to them ALL THE TIME. As I get ready for the day, as I drive to Lexington and back, while I run (sometimes), while I prepare dinner, while cleaning…..and more!

So why podcasts? Why now?


Elite runner Tina Muir describes the one form of entertainment she will take with her on runs. Giving you the 10 reasons why you should listen to podcasts, and which ones to try out!
Firstly I want to explain why I think they are here to stay
  • Podcast app on iPhone.
    • Apple has made this app un-deletable, and it is automatically downloaded for every iPhone user. We all know Apple does their homework on what the latest trends are!
  • Our attention spans are so short
    • I find I really have to concentrate to read an entire blog post now without skimming, and this way I do not have to take the “effort” to read something….wow that makes me sound lazy!
  • Podcast shows are constantly growing
    • Every day new podcasts show up, about every topic you could ever imagine

And why I enjoy podcasts so much

  • Intimacy
    • There is something personal about feeling as though you are in a conversation with two other people. You hear this conversation in-between your ears, and I often find myself saying “yes!, uh huh, oh yep, thats me”, as if I was there. You get to know the host, and as creepy as this sounds, kind of become their friend as you learn about their likes and dislikes, and what is going on with their life.
  • You can multitask!
    • I am constantly trying to multitask, and I know I am not that great at it, but with podcasting, you can do it while you do something else. Texting and driving is bad, but with a podcast you can listen and learn, but still be paying attention to your driving. Or how about household chores? You can learn and grow your knowledge while doing the dishes, or vacuuming!
  • Learning
    • I have learned so much listening to podcasts, from self help podcasts like Brene Brown, to how to become a better social media manager, which makes me better at my job. I love learning new things, but because it is in a conversation form, it does not feel like a lecture, instead you can pick and chose at what is interesting for you, absorb that information, and zone out when something is not applicable.
  • Its 30-60 minutes
    • You do not have to worry about a playlist, or finding enough to last your entire task, but you can just click it, and let it go! I love this for days when I listen to it while I run.
  • Working while you are not
    • This means I can be working, learning new information, while I am doing in otherwise dead time; driving, cleaning, preparing food.
  • Learning about the lives of celebrities/well known people
    • As you are hearing the interview between the podcaster and their guest, you are learning little things about the guest that you could not learn in a 2 page interview in a magazine, or on a blog page where it is all edited. You get to hear it out of their mouth, and listen to their response to particular questions. I love that it makes them seem more real, more human!
  • Running related
    • As I mentioned, there are topics for EVERYTHING, and if you are a runner lover, there is so much you can learn about running, where it is explained to you clearly. If the podcaster is good, they will make sure things are clarified if the guest can be confusing, so it is a great place to truly understand concepts.

My favorite podcasts

Most of my podcasts are to help me do my job better, and I enjoy learning about them, so I will mention those, but I will also recommend a few that I enjoy for general listening

  • Runners Connect
    • I promise I am not just promoting myself….there are over 40 podcast episodes on there with elite runners, scientists, and professionals that are really enjoyable to listen to….I have only done 4 🙂
  • Social Media Marketing made easy with Amy Porterfield
    • This is definitely a work related podcast, but I really enjoy the way she describes things clearly.
  • Social Media Marketing  with Michael Stelzner
    • Another work related podcast, but very interesting!
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
    • Ben covers all kinds fitness related topics. I do not listen to every episode, but he covers a lot of things I have found really interesting; kombucha, how to get sleep before a race, can sitting kill you
  • TED Radio Hour
    • Need I say more? Really interesting topics to get you thinking
  • This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
    • Self improvement from a real expert, I love listening to him to try to become a better Tina
  • Freakonomics Radio
    • Another gets-you-thinking podcast, covering really interesting topics

Honestly, you can search for ANYTHING, and there will be a podcast about it. Find your interests, and give it a try.

Okay, so here comes the plug. I don’t like to think of it as a plug, but more of a favor. I am now the podcaster for Runners Connect, and if you are interested in running, or you just care about me. I am asking you to please give this podcast a try, and listen to my podcast episodes. I would honestly appreciate feedback; criticism too. I want to improve, and other that becoming more relaxed with less ummms and nervousness, what do you think?
I think podcasts are only going to continue to grow, will you join in the movement too?
Do you listen to podcasts? What is your favorite podcast?