Off on our Honeymoon! Our Round the World Trip!

I can barely believe this day is here.

It seemed like a few weeks ago Steve and I were wedding planning talking about a honeymoon destination, and then it seemed like it was just yesterday we clicked the purchase button and paid for the flights.

Now we are here. Honeymoon time, and we are both committing to disconnect from our jobs (and the internet world) for all but 20 minutes a day….other than maybe to use Google Maps!

We fly from here to Sydney, where we will explore, meet some family and friends, and just soak as much of it in as we can. From there we will be going to Cairns to see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef (one of my top bucket list goals!!!), and then we will spend some time in Perth with my cousin and her family.

From there we will fly to England for 10 days to spend Christmas with my family. Other than that being a bit of a shock to the system with the weather change, it is such an exciting month planned for us, and we need this, bad.

Sarah and Michael will be staying in our house during this time, while they get themselves set up in Lexington, kinda sad we miss them, but there will be PLENTY of Sarah Tina time coming in 2016, which I cannot wait for!

I am not planning on even really touching my blog for the next month, but I hope you will give me a bit of slack if things do not run smoothly as I have prepared this so far ahead of time.

Last weekend and my panic attack in my race kind of showed that I need time to decompress….or I am headed for disaster.

I have some incredible guest posts for you, especially the elite takeover posts which were a big success during my wedding in August.

This time round you will get Meatless Monday Recipes from:

I will also be sharing the elite stories of:

  • Charlotte Browning
  • Griff Graves
  • Molly Huddle
  • Andrew Colley
  • Neely Spence

And a few check ins from me along the way 🙂

I have deleted all the social media accounts from my phone to make sure I am not tempted to check them, BUT I left Instagram, and will update that once a day. So if you want to follow what I am up to, follow me on Instagram!

I hope you enjoy my guest posts, and I will talk to you all in 2016!

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