A Runners Guide for How to Use a Dynamic Warm Up

Cliff notes version of this post?

A dynamic warm up is CRITICAL to your running.

But let’s start with a little story to demonstrate why.

I have talked about trying to get in the warms ups I need to but sometimes I am just hurrying before Bailey wakes up or needs me for some interaction. And Steve is just lovely with his wonderful reminders. 😉

Instead, I should be doing some kind of exercises before I go to prepare my body to run.

The motivation for anything outside of just running had disappeared and I was cocky confident that I didn’t need to do core (or anything else to warm up for that matter) to be successful in the marathon.

“Yeah, yeah, I will“…….(and we all know what that means)

When my hamstring started to flare up, we had a friend use ART to try to calm it down, and it worked (thanks Ron). He went on to lecture talk to me about how I should not just “go for a run” on cold muscles; a dynamic warm up is crucial to preparing the body to run.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know“……

A few weeks later, my hamstring was particularly sore one morning after a hard workout the day before. I tried to go on a run…..actually thats a lie; I tried to run around the yard as I knew it was really bad. I could not run, it hurt that bad. I went back into the house, crying to Steve. Giving me no sympathy, and after another lecture (this time well deserved) about how I am “not 20 anymore”, I knew it was time I had to start doing warm up drills every day.

Since that day, I have done these exercises before every single run, bar none, and I can honestly say my body feels better those first few miles. Not tiredness. If you are tired from a workout/long run the day before, you are gonna feel exhausted no matter what, but it definitely helps with stiffness, and just overall warming up.

Long story short, today I would like to share with you, the few minutes of drills that I use every single day before running. You may get a few crazy looks from neighbors, but if your neighbors are like mine, they have already seen you outside doing weird exercises, so this is nothing new.

Please hop on over to my YouTube Channel to see the full videos where I explain how to do each exercise. Hopefully they help your “not 20 anymore” bodies to feel better on your runs too 🙂

Elite Athlete Tina Muir shares her Secrets to Success: Active Warm Up. These video demonstrations are really easy to follow, and help you feel much better on your runs!

Do you ever go right out the door after sitting for a long time? What would make you change your bad habits?

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  • Nice website redesign! PS. can you do mine please? 😛

    Not 20 anymore is something I have to remind myself with everyday. Thanks for the warm up routines!

  • Dynamic warmups really are the bomb. I admit I don’t do them every time, but when I do…I feel so much better. None of those stiff first miles. Great set here!

  • Dynamic warmups have definitely been key to my success after injury. I can’t start running without them! I do need to get back to those lunges though! Now that I’m not training I want to get back to basics, so thanks!

  • Ironically, I was going to do a post on this same thing! Maybe I’ll just send people over here instead. 🙂 Great info!! Like Amanda, I wish I could say I did these warm ups more often because they really do make a difference!

  • Thanks for sharing these Tina! Too often I go straight out for a run with no warm-up…and I definitely don’t think my 40-something legs appreciate it 😉

  • You know i love me a good warm up! I have to focus on a few moves in particular, especially right now, but I am going to be incorporating these types of exercises as I get back to half training, and focusing on speed (and feeling like I have suitable strength to focus on them!).

  • James taught be some of those and now i do them with my class! so helpful!

  • Good timing on your post! The doctor just told me I need to start stretching and warming up. I never had to before. Lol…guess I’m getting old.

  • Oh I so need this and can’t wait to share it! I’m definitely not 20 anymore either and after being off running for 4.5 weeks (ahhhh!) with my dumb It-band, I’m finally easing back into things and trying to play it smart. Still not sure how 20 is almost a decade ago now! I too, love your website redesign 🙂 I was wondering if it was just me, but glad to have it confirmed by the rest of the crew that it’s shiny and new. Thanks for another awesome post! #wowlinkup

  • I definitely need to warm up these old bones and dynamic warm ups are the best for me. I find if I don’t my first mile is slow as all get out and as I warm up I get faster and faster and my split times just continue to improve. Loved your vids and shared them with the crowd on my FB Fan Page! #wowlinkup

  • Love your new site! It’s awesome and this post is too. Some of those warm-ups are the same ones my PT encourages me to, or rather, demands that I do. 😉 And guess what, they work!

  • Thank you so much for this. Yes I am the one that does not stretch 100% before (or after) my run. I will be bookmarking these! #wowlinkup

  • Great post! I really should do dynamic warm ups more often because they definitely do help those miles feel better! Thanks for sharing your routine!

  • First of all I LOVE the new we design! And this post is so good and a great reminder that I need to warm up more!

  • I’m standing in my kitchen doing this right now… LOL

  • Ahhh…. I think I saw this at just the right time. I keep thinking if I start my run off slowly, that will be my “dynamic warm up”. haha! But I know that I’m just making excuses. This reinforces that I really can’t get away with running cold, especially as I am exiting my 20s within a couple of weeks. O_O Thank you for posting this, and btw, your blog / website re-design is amazing!!!! Completely blown away. Great job. 🙂

  • I’m kind of bad at remember to stretch before a workout, but I do make sure to do it when I know that I’ll be doing something that’s a little more taxing on my body… like when I go snowboarding up to the mountains, because a long car ride to get there plus the cold leaves me reeaaaaaally sore if I don’t loosen up a little first.

  • Thank you for this–I’ll try it before my run on Saturday!

  • I used to be so good about the warm ups and now I just run right out the door-not good. I definitely don’t have a 20 something body anymore. Thanks for reminding me that I need to warm up!! Blog is looking good 🙂

  • Love this post!! (Like I don’t love every one of your posts, haha.) I am seriously the WORST about warming up before runs. My idea of a warmup is running slowly for my first mile. You’re absolutely right, though, I’m definitely not 20 anymore and I need to be better about warming up. Thanks for compiling all of this great information into one post!

  • This is so helpful!! GREAT Post!! I am so bad about warming up! I need to do more of this!
    And I love the new layout!!

  • Great warmup! I love/hate ART, works wonders but not comfortable

  • I’m much better about doing dynamic warm-ups before tempo runs, intervals and workouts. Not great about it before long runs or easy runs. Something I know I could work on. I love doing them at the track though, makes me reminisce about my HS and college track days.

  • Love the new design Tina! And I am horrible about warming up properly to run. I like this sequence! I pinned it for reference later too!

  • I didn’t used to do a dynamic workout but now I do and I have a hard time starting a run without doing my little warm up. i feel like it really helps, especially to wake my body up on those early morning runs!

  • I’m also really terrible at warming up even though I know it’s important. Thanks for sharing Tina!

  • Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

  • I’m checking out your video and pinning it. I love to see your moves and maybe my incorporate them into my classes. #wowlinkup BTW, nice redesign.

  • I have no idea how I missed all these posts but this is such a great one. Awesome moves to do before a run and I can’t wait to include them before I go running!

  • I had no idea! I keep hearing people tell me not to stretch cold muscles and that you should use the first mile as your warm up. Now I know and thank you!

  • Just catching up on your blog after being away from running / blogs for a while, and your secrets to success series is brilliant! i am sure i will be referring back to these posts often, great stuff!

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