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I did not intend to make this a whole post of its own, but it did not really match with any of the other topics, so here it is.

I just wanted to make a shorter post about my thoughts on supplements. I am not a big fan of them overall, as I believe you should try to get your vitamins and minerals from food sources.

Steve and I make sure we get a variety of fruits and vegetables to consume what we need. We used to take Juice Plus, and as much as I think it is a wonderful product, and would highly recommend, I think we get through our diet. And how could I in this post without recommending Athletic Greens which has 75 proven vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients along with a great taste.

That being said, I do have some supplements I take on a daily basis:


EnduroPacks contains a daily multivitamin that is targeted towards athlete, and I love that it is a liquid that is easier for your body to break down.

You know I love them, and I honestly cant say enough good stuff about the pack, I truly believe it works.

The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the multivitamin needs to be kept in the fridge, which makes it difficult for travel, but I am not usually gone for more than a night, which means it is not a big deal.

UPDATE 9/2016- They now have a tablet form of this, which means you CAN take it with you, I have since switched to the tablet form.

EnduroPacks is not just the multivitamin, and I love the rest of the pack too. If you want to read more about it, you can click HERE to read my review.

Or if you want to give it a try, if you use coupon code “tinamuir” you can get 15% off!

Folic Acid

One of my closest friends, Frances (Koons) told me to take this. She was told by her college coach (Villanova coach, Gina Procaccio). I then researched folic acid, and found that there has been some research to show that it helps to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.

They found it was particularly effective in amenorrheic runners, which unfortunately, despite my healthy weight, and good diet, I am one of.

Folic acid

For that reason, I take this Folic Acid, which I purchase from Swanson. You really need to check out their website, it is full of great products, their prices are reasonable, and they often have good sales on to give you value for money.


Ferrous Gluconate

Again, I purchase this one from Swanson. This was recommended to go with the Folic by Frances. It is a good way of taking in iron, without it upsetting your stomach.



I do take a calcium carbonate supplement to keep building my bones up before they reach their peak in the next few years, I know I get a lot from the foods I eat, but it is better to be safe.

At around age 30, your bone mass is at its peak, and after this it begins to decline, so I am doing my best to make them as strong as possible while I still can.

What is your on the go recovery product? What supplements do you take?

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  • I love EnduroPacks and I too am “underwhelmed” by protein drinks. I don’t hardly ever have them since I like to EAT my post-run meals and I’m usually coming back to my house afterward!! Good to know you feel the same and interesting about the folic acid…. As usual, very informative!

  • Dawn @ Florida Coastal Cooking
    March 25, 2015 5:35 am

    I love your facts about milk. Hopefully more people will begin to try non-dairy sources of calcium such as leafy greens, almonds, figs, and non-dairy milks. So few people realize where their information about cow milk came from (aka. the dairy industry) and the fact that it has never been proven to prevent fractures!

  • Excellent point on your soy intake–I think that many people forget that runners tend towards estrogen depression, rather than elevation. I take several supplements, but still far less than I used to (especially when I was sick)–iron has been giving me trouble of late (though it didn’t used to), so I’ve been laying off of it. And I have to take Folic to counteract a negative side effect of my Crohn’s meds. Probiotics have proven especially helpful for me!

  • Heather @fitncookies
    March 25, 2015 7:23 am

    I always learn so much from you. I don’t use any supplements, besides a one a day. I am picking up a calcium supplement this weekend, though. I know I need more of that. I don’t like protein drinks. I will add protein powder to things, but I Just never feel well after a protein shake.

  • I don’t use supplements, although I do use protein shakes. I like to actually eat food, but when I leave the gym and have errands to run, it’s easy to pack and I know I’m getting some good post workout nutrition.

  • I’ve always been less than impressed with protein drinks as well and don’t really like the texture of them. I take a multivitamin for women w folic acid and extra calcium and D.

  • we love enduropack! and we also take gelatin. You would love that for recovery and cartilage repair. it does wonders!

  • Julie Wunder
    March 25, 2015 8:40 am

    Great tips! I agree- I like to get my vitamins from food sources mostly. I do take a high quality daily vitamin and some extra vitamin C, which I feels gives my pathetic immune system a boost. Great point about the soy milk! I switch between soy, almond and skim.

  • I am pretty much a non-supplementer, for the reasons you stated above–I strive to get it all in my food. Plus, I think there’s just a ton of garbage out there in the supplement aisle. All that said, I have in the past taken iron for my perpetual anemia (and not made any progress!) so the folic acid idea is intriguing. Something to ask my doc about. I do use a protein powder, but it is a very clean one–Whey Cool–actually just about the only one that is non-denatured through its drying process so I feel very good about it.

  • Interesting post! Very informative 🙂
    For me I really only take a calcium and Vitamin D supplement as I’m paranoid about bone health and never want a stress fracture. Otherwise though I’ll eat a range of foods and make sure I get a good amount of fuel in after a run quickly. I just cannot stand protein powders really. One or two are alright but not long term for me personally. I just prefer to eat food I guess! That being said, I think they’re a great idea if you’re at a race or training and know food is going to be hard to come by and you’d have to wait a long time for it.

  • I’d never heard of folic acid being good for anemic runners! Good to know! Although if I add in extra folic acid I’ll have to make sure that my mother-in-law doesn’t see my vitamins or she might think I’m trying to get pregnant. 😉 Yet another awesome and informative post, Tina. Thanks for all of the great writing and information!

  • What’s the difference between fuerrous glucomate and folic acid, if both provide iron? Is one better than the other?

  • I am not a supplement taker as for the reasons you mention but lately I do like Skoop protein powder in my post run oatmeal…Unfortunately with amenorrhea, often times even a healthy weight for height is not enough to keep our cycles going. it’s so frustrating to figure out and figure out the right balance of calories in to calories out to keep things on the regular.

  • Great post! I’ll have to try using folic acid and ferrous gluconate – I have pseudo-anemia (at least according to my doctor). I use fish oil to make sure I’m getting enough omega-3s, magnesium supplements, and Nuun for electrolytes.

  • I had NO idea about the estrogen depression for runners. I thought I knew everything! Ha ha. Not quite. But man, that is so interesting! I love milk. LOVE it. I drink it all day long every day and my body thrives on it. I may be in the minority and I’m not exactly the trendiest person for it but it works for me.

  • I don’t take any supplements. I did take Folic acid when I was pregnant and I try to take in extra calcium because I have had low bone density for years but I’m not very regular with it.

  • I buy my supplements from Swanson’s too. They have the best prices. I take EFA’s, and few others. I do use a vegan protein powder, because we are constantly on the run, so it’s easy to whip up a smoothie to go- but I get sick of them.. no matter what ingredients you use, they end up all tasting the same.

  • I like seeing what other people use to aid in their health and wellness. I drink protein powder (usually a whey protein) in a shake after workouts and in smoothies. I also take a chewable multivitamin, B12 vitamin, chewable calcium pills and that’s it. I hope to get everything else I need from food. I’ve never thought of taking multivitamins for athletes for recovery, but that’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing what works for you, Tina! 🙂

  • Martina Di Marco
    March 25, 2015 4:22 pm

    Whooops I didn’t know that the multivitamin from EnduroPacks needed to be refrigerated…! Happy to report that, after taking it for over a month without refrigerating it, I’m still alive 😉 I take cod fish oil pills in addition to the EnduroPack multivitamin and L-glutamine.

  • kerri's kitchen
    March 25, 2015 5:18 pm

    Wow, did not know that folic acid helps with amenorrhea in runners- I will have to try that! I am at a healthy weight as well and eat a healthy diet, but still have that issue as well. Super informative and knowledgable post!

  • I can’t believe I didn’t know that soy mile has 50% (!) more calcium than cow’s milk?
    Guess I will switch to soy asap. Thanks Tina – great stuff 🙂

  • Very useful and interesting info here — it’s neat to see how you recover from your runs!

  • HI Tina, could you follow up on your amenorrhea? I deal w the same thing despite my best efforts. Just wondering if you were able to heal that issue through amended nutrition and supplements. Sorry, I know it’s personal, but I’ve really appreciated your openess about issues dealt w by female runners!

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