Day in the Life of an Elite Runner- Workout Day


I did it on a Monday, a recovery day, and so this time I thought I would do a Wednesday to show you a workout day. So, without further ado, lets begin.


Alarm goes off…….although honestly, usually I am already out of the bed by now, my body does not seem to need an alarm clock anymore, but lets just call it 6am to be easy. I take my temperature….if you are wondering why, you need to listen to this podcast I did with Sarah a few months ago about fertility and female issues. I have been taking my temperature since.


Drink my Tea (usually White Chai or Acai, Blueberry and Pomegranate). It is workout day, which means I have to be careful with what I am eating before. Today I have a handful of pretzels and a handful of life cereal.

Rub calamine lotion all over my poison ivy, which has made sleeping even more difficult than usual. Try not to rip my skin off as it itches.



Start working for Runners Connect  back in the day. I begin with replying to emails that have stacked up overnight; a large percentage of my time is spent reaching out to brands and individuals. Runners Connect is SUCH a good company with so much to offer, but it is amazing just how many people do not have any idea about all the great content they offer.

I also spend some time working on replying to comments on the Runners Connect posts, setting up Buffer with tweets for the day, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts, and checking my latest podcast episode with Greg Lehman is up and ready.


Eat a banana to give me some more fuel for the workout. For my last 25 mins of work before my workout, I continue working on podcast questions for the Cross Training Panel podcast (that goes live today!) with Alan Webb, Darren Brown (Elliptigo), and Lynda Huey (Pool Running Expert).


Time for exercises from Mint Choc Chip and Pecan (my exercises from the UVA Speed Clinic visit). These prep me for my run, and are helping calm my peroneal tendon down (finally!).


Call the Winchester Doctor about my ivy rash, book an appointment for this afternoon.


Steve and I leave for the workout….the plan was to leave at 9, but as usual I am running late….only in the mornings might I add. The world of social media is buzzing in the morning, and therefore I struggle to get everything done on time. The rest of the day I am usually on time!


Dynamic warm-up exercises to prepare my body for running. The older I get, the more warm up I need to do, and it makes a HUGE difference.


Warm up (3 miles)….yes, I do my workouts along a divided highway….only in Kentucky!



Start my workout; 2 mile, 1.5 mile, 1 mile, 5×800

Now seems like a good time to add that it was a 72 dew point (95% humidity) day. This workout was a HUGE struggle. I really pushed myself today, harder than I have in a long time. Steve biked alongside me, encouraging me, which helped a lot today. I needed that.

The problem was that I ran what I thought was the right “speed” of moving my legs for the 2 mile, and as I do not look at my watch during workouts anymore, I went by feel. However, with the humidity, that 2 mile ended up being much harder than Steve wanted it to be.

I managed to finish the workout, and did not slow down as the workout went on, it was just one of those workouts where you are absolutely DEAD at the end, as well as of course being completely drenched in sweat.

Cool down of 3 miles to end at the Winchester walking trail.



This was the only day last week that I only exercised once. Every other day of the week I have some form of cross training in the afternoon. Today is the once only day as I ran a total of 14 miles, so spent about 2 hours exercising anyway.


Stretch and roll (although I am not sure rolling was a good idea as my ivy could have spread through this….). However, this is extremely important, and well worth the few extra minutes it takes. Eat one of Maisymak’s amazing protein bites while I am doing this, and drink a Body Armor.



Shower. Resist the urge to crank the heat up high to get the feeling of scratching my poison ivy. Instead I stick with a very refreshing cold shower.


Eat one of my protein ice cream smoothies; 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 scoop Twin Lab Clean Series Vanilla, 1 cup raspberries, 1 banana. Put into freezer the night before, and taken out the freezer when I wake up in the morning.



Return to work for Runners Connect. Today I worked on editing future blog posts, creating images for the blog, reaching out to brands, and researching various aspects of social media and growth of the brand.


Refuel; 1 tbsp Nuttzo on a rice cake, 1 cup homemade granola, and 1/2 avocado. I know I only ate a few hours ago, but it is so important to refuel on workout days. As I exercise 2 hours every day, I need to keep my fuel intake high!



Go to Doctors. They give me an injection to calm it down…..on my hip/butt, but at this point I do not care. Will do anything to help it feel better.


Back to work; now I am working on analytics, research, responding to comments on twitter and Facebook, and emails.


Snack time; handful of cashews, almonds, and dried cranberries, a peach, and some cottage cheese.



Steve arrives home. We decide to make it easy and eat the leftovers from the ravioli Sarah and I made last week. Sorry no photo, but here is the original!

Tina Sarah


Wash up the dishes, and go to my secret hiding place for the candy. Steve has instructed me to hide it as he is not very good at resisting when it is right there. I have two white reese cups, and a handful of Peanut Butter m&ms.



Research and write questions for my upcoming podcast with Michele!


Done with work for the day, decide we MUST go to Rite Aid to pick up some IvyRest. We do. After staring at the candy section for a while, we go home.

Eat some more granola and nuts. Not hungry, but just sounds good.


Take 2 benadryl and some zzz quill (I really need to sleep tonight after failed attempts the last few days).

Relax on the couch….or try to while fidgeting from the itchiness (injection isn’t working yet!) We watch an episode of White Collar. Resist the urge to scream at the TV every time Neal does something that puts himself at risk. *Edit- we just finished the finale. I cried, and I keep asking Steve questions about it, even now…..I think I genuinely believe Neal is real, I need closure :P*


Attempt to go to bed. Roll around, trying not to scratch my skin off. So much for benadryl and zzz quill.

Eventually I fell asleep….for a little while, and then proceeded to get up in the middle of the night to rub more cream and ice my poison ivy.

I have never had poison ivy before now, and I feel like that was what I talked about most of the day, but it really does consume your thoughts when the itch is THAT bad. Nothing soothes it!!

And there you have it. Another day in the life of Tina Muir. Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


I mentioned about the cross training podcast, and as I said, it went live today. This is probably the most information packed episode yet. It is our longest yet, and could have gone on much longer. You NEED to give this a listen, trust me! Especially when the American Record holder in the mile is talking about his secrets, you wanna listen!

Have you ever had poison ivy? How did you survive? What TV show did you become overly attached to the characters?

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  • Lisa@runningoutofwine
    July 15, 2015 5:29 am

    Im looking forward to listening to the podcast today! Poison ivy sounds awful…I hope that you get some relief soon!

  • carla birnberg
    July 15, 2015 5:50 am

    oooh YES I DO SO SO NEED to listen!!!

  • This was so interesting to read and thanks for sharing Tina. I’ve always been interested to see what elite runners do throughout their day. I’ve had to run on divided highways before and they are not fun at all.

  • You poor hot itchy mess! Try cortisone cream too!

  • Julie Wunder
    July 15, 2015 8:26 am

    Doh! I hope you poison ivy gets better soon. I’m actually surprised you don’t run earlier when it is cooler! Love these posts though- such cool insight!

  • I love these posts. I know they might not be as interesting if you keep doing them every single week but I definitely enjoy them when you put them up. It’s always interesting to hear about what elite runners do in normal life.
    Sorry about your poison icy, that sucks! I got a few bramble scratches and rashes from my race on Sunday but nothing as bad as this!

  • Definitely checking out the cross training podcast and can’t wait for Michele’s podcast!! Love reading Day in the Life posts!

    July 15, 2015 9:14 am

    I love this post :)!!!! I have thought about doing a day in the life post. I hesitate because I think it is not all that interesting, but it fun to read about what others days are like. I am not a big what I ate person either, but that was neat how you combined it with a day in the life post! I have listened to several of your podcasts and keep meaning to listen to more….this totally reminded me!!!!! I LOVED the article on iron. I have been taking an iron supplement for over a week now and I feel like it is helping me. We have had the same humidity and dew points….definitely makes workouts harder!!!
    I have never had poison ivy and I am terrified to get it!!! My husband has had it several times mostly from trail running. There is also a lot of poison sumac and oak around me….and ticks and I am terrified of ticks!!!

  • Interesting to have a look into your day. I was overly involved with the Grey’s Anatomy peeps

  • I haven’t had poison ivy but I have had poison oak ( that’s the variation out here) It’s been a while, but think I looked up a home remedy because it wasn’t too bad, and yes I’ve bcome attached to characters on a TV show. I’m watching Poldark– I was a huge fan in 1977 when PBS released that version on Masterpiece theater and I am just as addicted to this version with Aiden Turner.. he’s so lush, how does one not get addicted? Your life sounds busy and fun! Wish I could be there and ride behind you on my bike when you run.

  • Ahh never had poison ivy. but it sounds awful. Feel better soon! Thanks for sharing your day with us 🙂

  • Ugh! Poison ivy is the absolute worst. I once had it all over my body & had to miss school for a week. It was horrible. I just heard the other day about something helping… but I forget what exactly that was. Yep! I’m no help 🙁 Ha! Maybe it was coconut oil? Hmm… i really don’t know. lol.

  • I always love these peeks into your day! I had poison ivy really bad last summer… it is awful. Mine turned it to be a systemic reaction as rashes began showing up everywhere and then my face swelled up and ultimately I had to have a steroid shot to calm it. Such a mess. Hope yours heals quickly!

  • Hi Tina! I do enjoy hearing about your daily habits. And a two-hour workout day is a big one, but I guess you’re a pro at that by now. Sorry about your poison ivy. That does NOT make foam rolling fun! 🙂

  • I am so sorry you are dealing with poison ivy. You poor thing! I’ve had it once when I was a kid, and it was the WORST. I love reading about your days, though! They’re fascinating!

  • I hope your poison ivy relieves soon! It looks like we have the same taste in candy – peanut butter M&Ms are the best! I get emotionally attached to TV characters as well, which isn’t good because lots of characters die on my favorite TV shows (Supernatural and Grimm). The peek into your life is so interesting – thanks for sharing!

  • I am LOVING your podcast interviews, Tina; so thankful to have these, not only for entertainment during my long runs, but also (and most important!) for the information you’re sharing with us. I can’t wait to listen to this one, too! I think I suffer from this long-held belief that I need to eat certain meals at certain times, etc.; I love how you fuel with what your body needs throughout the day, without having such a structured schedule. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  • I haven’t had poison ivy but I did have an allergy rash last summer for three weeks and it was absolutely horrendous and kept me up all night. I am so sorry you have to deal with this – I hope it is better real soon.

  • Interesting read. I got literally 35 bug bites from being outside for like 20 minutes this past weekend so after really bad itching I went for the calamine lotion too! It’s interesting to see how you fuel!

  • Benadryl….yessss…puts me right to sleep and I’ve only ever taken one! I’m sorry your not sleeping well and that you have poison ivy. The worst!! And I gotta say that you do so much in one day!

  • Martina Di Marco
    July 15, 2015 4:40 pm

    So so sorry that you’re suffering so much because of this stupid poison ivy!

  • Beauty in Christ
    July 15, 2015 5:59 pm

    Ooh yes! You have a secret candy stash? 🙂 We do too.

    And I’m sorry you have poison ivy. I’m really sensitive to it, and the times I’ve had it, cool showers have definitely helped plus some sort of cream like calamine.

  • Niki @ Life With Niki
    July 15, 2015 7:04 pm

    It is alway interesting to me to see what elite athletes eat- glad you are fueling yourself so well… I am a pretty big granola lover as well ;).

  • Just downloaded a bunch of Runner’s Connect episodes to listen to! I’ve never had poison ivy (knock on wood) but I’m sure it would drive me crazy. Hope it feels better soon.

  • Michelle Homan
    July 17, 2015 6:51 am

    That was so interesting to read! I really hope your poison ivy gets better soon! I’ll def be checking out Runners Connect…

  • Hi, tina!! I am a member of RC and have enjoyed listening to your podcasts while driving during work! Thank you!

    I have poison oak/ ivy right now! The only time I ever get it is when we travel to the mountains for vacation. My dogs get in it and bring the oil on their fur back to the house. If I know they have been near it, we will wash them in the lake, but sometimes I’m not so lucky. Soooo, my daughter and I are both itching up a storm. Thankfully, I brought Tecnu with me- try it!! It’s the only thing I have found that seems to make it go away faster. Best of luck!

  • fuelingforfitness
    July 18, 2015 9:20 am

    Like everyone else, I love reading a day in the life posts. I never write them myself because I don’t think my day is interesting enough but I really enjoyed reading yours. All the work you do around your schedule reminds me a lot of when I was baking full time and doing consulting work around it. In the end, I was too overwhelmed though, and I ended up dropping running b/c it was stressing me out and every single run hurt (probably from lack of sleep and stress!). I really admire how you’ve struck a good balance and it’s great that you have the flexibility to fit in both. Something to aspire for. 🙂 ps. those protein bites look amazing – will have to try so thanks for linking!
    pps. So sorry about your poison ivy. I hope it has gotten better! I have eczema which means at least once a year, I have a massive breakout that looks awful and keeps me up all night so I sympathize. 🙁

  • Amber Finlay
    July 19, 2015 3:02 pm

    Oh no poison ivy is awful! I haven’t had it in quite a long time, but recently remembered how allergic I am to dogs when I haven’t been around them in a while! I saw my boyfriend’s dogs last night and was trying not to claw my skin off as I left. Luckily Benadryl helped me. I hope your ivy clears up soon!
    Nice job getting your workout done in those conditions! I may hate cold weather, but I don’t think it’s truly as hard as dealing with high humidity in the summer.
    Also, loved the x-training podcast, looking forward to your interview with NYC Running Mama =)

  • Thank you for sharing your day with us- you’re so real and give us some interesting insight! Hope to see more of these kinds of posts! 🙂

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