Chicago Marathon Q&A

Tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago, and I cannot believe it is here already! I am very thankful that I have been given a room for two nights, along with all the luxuries that elite athletes are given to make sure we are able to perform to our best. I am nervous, but reading blogging friends posts at a time I was feeling especially anxious (thats you Tara, Amanda, and Allie), and writing down my thoughts has really helped me turn my perspective around. I just want to cross that finish line happy, smiling, and absolutely over the moon with my race, knowing I enjoyed it. I know the result will take care of itself; Take what your body gives you.

IMG_6053This is the last time I will be blogging until after the race, so I can relax, and focus, but I appreciate all the good luck messages, and support I have had over the last few months. I will be thinking of you during the difficult times in the race, inspired by all the wonderful people who believe in me.

In the mean time, I would like you to check out my post on Confessions of a Mother Runner. Deborah interviewed me a few weeks ago about the upcoming race, asking me some questions that I am sure some of you have wondered about. That is the great thing about someone else asking the questions, they think of things that you may assume everyone knows. Based on the number of comments on this post, a lot of you were wondering the same thing!

As for my blog, I will still be participating in Meatless Monday this upcoming Monday, so get cooking!! I will hopefully have a happy race to report along with my recipe 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend! #FindYourStrong

Joining Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday today!


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