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We are in England right now, so I wanted to make the most of the time with family and friends. Therefore, I do not have a blog post for you, but I do have an updated list of all my coupon codes to help you save a few pennies.

Now, if you have been a fan of Running for Real and appreciate what I do, by clicking on these links below and using the coupon codes I give you, that sends a strong message to the companies that I am worth them investing in. This is one of the best ways you can support me without actually having to do anything specific…well, other than purchasing the product, but if you were going to anyway, it just means they are more likely to support me in the future, so any orders you can make through my links, help me a lot.

So here are all the ways you can save money with these coupon codes:

HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes

I always thought these shoes looked a little weird, and I didn’t think I would like them, they were just too…out there, but I tried them on at the beginning of 2017 and LOVED them.

I recommend the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for free expedited shipping


You have probably heard me talking about Perfect Amino and how it helps me to recover quicker, but Bodyhealth also has lots of other fantastic products to help you maintain optimum health. If you are worried about the toxins we have in our bodies, this is the place to go to help you remove them.

I recommend BodyHealth Perfect Amino

Use coupon code TINA10 for 10% off.

Bombas Socks

Good running socks are one of the only MUST HAVEs as a runner, without them, running is gonna be pretty miserable…and painful. Bombas socks can handle even the most sticky, humid morning, and they give one pair to a homeless shelter for every pair you purchase. Love companies that give back!

I recommend the Bombas quarter, ankle and no show 12 pack.

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 20% off your first order.


If you struggle to stay motivated with your training, but can’t really afford the $60 a session to see a trainer, Aaptiv is perfect for you to keep you going with your own trainer through their app. They have lots of personalities to pick from, and they also have 5k, 10k, half, and full marathons to choose from that are included with your membership. It is a really cool idea, and especially if you are someone who goes to a gym or uses a treadmill, this would be perfect!

I recommend the Aaptiv plan here

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 30% off annual membership

Generation UCAN

I loved using Generation UCAN as my primary fuel in races. You do not have to worry about it upsetting your stomach, and it helps prevent those sugar rushes and crashes.

I recommend Generation UCAN Cran-Raz.

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 15% off.

Inside Tracker

Sometimes our bodies act in weird ways that don’t quite make sense. Often our bodies show that stress when we have blood work, but the results from the doctors can be confusing. I love using Inside Tracker to get my test, get the results assessed for me, and get the recommendations of what I can eat and do to improve my health.

I recommend Inside Tracker High Performance Test

Use coupon code TINAMUIR for 10% off.


In the heat of the summer, or anytime we can get dehydrated, it is easy to keep up on your water, but what about the electrolytes you sweat away? Enduropacks has this liquid electrolyte spray that you can put in any drink. It is flavorless, and I actually used to carry it in my pocket for my marathons, it works!

I recommend Enduropacks Liquid Electrolytes.

Use coupon code TINAMUIR for 10% off.

Run Angel

Runner safety is something we never had to think about in the past, but let’s be real, we do now. This Run Angel sits on your wrist like a watch, and has two buttons, that’s it. One to turn it on and off as you start your run, and one to push to make a sound as loud as a rock concert if you find yourself in trouble. It also sends an alert with your location to your loved ones to let them know you need help.

I recommend Run Angel.

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 10% off.

Sarah Marie Design Studio

We know we LOVE to identify as runners and show the world how proud we are to be runners. Sarah Marie Design has the most gorgeous running clothes (although mostly for women just FYI!), and they are SO cute and perfect for everyday wear as well as for running itself.

I recommend the run all the miles eat all the ice cream shirt (of course!)

Use coupon code MUIR10 for 10% off.

CTM Band

I am so proud of my friend and Chiropractor Kyle  for coming up with such a clever product! The CTM band combines compression, trigger point therapy (tension), and movement to help get those sore muscles loosened up. You wrap it around the muscle that is giving you trouble, the golf-ball-like points go into the muscle, and then you move it through a range of motion. It works REALLY well, and if you are struggling with a nagging area that the foam roller just isn’t working for, this really could be your solution!

I recommend the CTM Band here

Use code RUNNING4REAL for $10 off


I used to get shin issues all the time, which is where I first met Zensah and their compression sleeves. They were the only ones that I felt helped with my shin pain, and also kept my calves feeling nice and secure. Zensah has come up with a lot more products since then, and each of them they have put the same thought into as those compression sleeves. I have about 4 pairs, and still wear them to this day (10 years later!).

I recommend the Zensah compression leg sleeves

Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 10% off

Koala Clip

I used to hate running with my phone, I liked the opportunity to disconnect, but now I have a daughter, it is rare I go out without it. I also love listening to podcasts or music on my runs, but it’s not easy to carry it around, especially in the summer when you don’t have a running jacket to put it in (not that it fits in most pockets anyway!). This Koala clip is GENIUS and I forget it is there most the time. It clips on the back of your sports bra (or on the waistband of your shorts/tights). It is completely sweat proof, but still connects nicely to bluetooth headphones.

I recommend the Koala Clip Wild Orchard

Use code RUNNING4REAL for 10% off.

I think that is it.

Let me know what you think of these products 🙂 I really would love to know! I also have a favorites page where it has things spanning from baby products, books, and many more.

I am constantly finding new coupon codes for my friends, add your email below to stay in the loop, and I will notify you as I find them.

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