Get Out to the Running Trails

When I was an elite runner, where I ran was really important. On important workout days I would travel up to 90 minutes to get a long run in along a flat path in Cincinnati. On long run days, I would drive 20 minutes to start my run at the beginning of a paved trail along the Beautiful Lexington countryside. On recovery days, I would often travel to my favorite place to run in Lexington, a off-the-path trail, which would force me to slow down and do what I promised I would do; allow my body to recover.

All three of these were also beautiful places to run, had the kind of trails (although each one different) to soak in the scenery and just appreciate the ability to be able to run…and of course gave nice instagram photos too, right? 🙂

Yes, it was extra time to drive over there, but it was well worth it.

Now I have graduated to mother runner, and running is no longer number one in my life, traveling to these places has stopped.

I still have beautiful Brighton trail, which is within a mile of my house, making it the perfect place to go as the sun comes up or while I allow my thoughts to organize and reflect after a busy morning of mum life.

Not that I haven’t wanted to, it is just so much easier to run from home, to just tie my shoes up, like these gorgeous Adidas Ultraboost X and head out the door.

However, I decided enough was enough.

My running IS still important to me, it is still something that is good for my entire family. If I enjoy my run more, that means I come back in a much better mood, which allows me to be a better mother to my daughter.

Yes, I am “busy”, yes it means an extra 20 minutes of my day that could be spent doing other things, but it is also a way to keep variety and excitement in my life. If my daughter can join Steve and I for a run that day, she too gets something out of it; new scenery, new smells, and a run with her daddy.

Steve has never been a fan of trails, so he can stay with Bailey on the paved path, but I love running on the dirt in the woods, and Veterans park is my favorite place to go. It allows me to think, to recover on a tired day, and to just be in nature.

Last weekend, Steve and I decided I did deserve a run in the trails. My mileage might not be at 90 miles per week like it was in the past, but getting up over 40 miles in my postpartum journey is something to celebrate, and it was time we did exactly that, in a way that fit running the best.

So on Saturday morning, I put on some brand new running clothes (these Adidas M10 Icon Shorts and Adidas Response Light Speed Tank) to make the day feel special and keep me cool and dry, and headed over to Veterans park, excited to test them out in a true running environment.

On the drive there, I wondered if it was going to be worth it, would I really enjoy my run that much more being in trails than running from home? Was it worth an extra 40 minutes of driving and the potential for Bailey to be crying on the way home to get a run out in the woods?

Well, turns out the answer was a big HECK YES.

Although it was another warm summer morning, it felt so good to be in the shade, in the cooler air that can only be found under the canopy of the trees. I got to hear the birds singing their good morning tune, and hear the water running down the stream. The run flew by, Bailey enjoyed running in our new Chicco TRE jogging stroller with daddy, and we all enjoyed something a little different to start off our Saturday morning.

Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, we often take the easy road, we pick the path of least resistance, even though it isn’t always bringing us joy. Something that might seem to be more hassle in the build up, might bring you a new lease of life that means even once you do go back into that comfort zone you feel refreshed and revitalized to look around and notice new things around you, that maybe you didn’t see the 50 times you passed it before.

I am so glad we headed over to the trails this weekend, and I am thankful to Adidas for giving me the kick out the door to go enjoy what nature has to offer. It is amazing what some new running clothes and shoes can do.

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  • I love running on pavement compared to on the grass but I hear that the little bumps in the grass are beneficial for good running and that the pavement is bad for the knees. Thoughts?

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