Sharing My Secrets With Running For Real

Ahh friends, I have so much to update you on, but instead of typing a big long ramble, I thought it would be better to send you a quick little video to let you know just how thankful I am that you are spending a few moments of time with me.

I am diving in deep (welcome back insomnia!) with getting things ready for the launch of Running for Real, but I will be sharing a lot of Team Ice Cream’s little secrets on Facebook LIVE chats, which I have vowed to do every day in March. They are scary, but I am having a lot of fun with them (when I do not have technical difficulties!), and I hope you will join me soon.

Here is my schedule for this week’s Facebook live chats on the Running for Real page:

Monday- 4pm GMT (11am EST)
Tuesday- 5pm GMT (12pm EST)
Wednesday- 4pm GMT (12pm EST)
Thursday- 5pm GMT (12pm EST)
Friday- 4pm GMT (11am EST)
Saturday- 7pm GMT (2pm EST)
Sunday- 7pm GMT (2pm EST)

Now, as I have not really given you a post today, I created this little downloadable guide for you with a few little hacks about how to pace yourself in your workouts and races, so you are speeding up…rather than slowing down later in the race.

Hope it is helpful, and I look forward to sharing many more hacks with you in the future 🙂

What was your #Running4Real moment this weekend?

Mine was not thinking ahead to wear gloves on my 15 mile run, and spending the final hour cursing (out loud) at myself, as my fingers were soooooooooo cold running into the wind once it started raining. My poor numb fingers were desperately trying to keep my phone dry in my sleeve. Let’s just say, the shower afterwards was very painful for my fingers!

Your turn 🙂

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  • So excited for all your new stuffs!! And I channeled you yesterday as I did 20 miles.
    It wasnt pretty. It got done <3

  • Love the “vlog” and all the excitement surround this new venture! Looking forward to learning and sharing with you.
    My “real” moment over the weekend also involved not checking the forecast and I headed out into freezing temps (10) and insane WIND!!! OMG I had a headache when I returned from the freeze but it was a great resistance run and good for me mentally too 🙂

  • So excited for you and can’t wait to listen and read more. You are a natural on camera! Love the video! xo

  • My “real” moment was yesterday, when my mile 4 portapotty was nowhere to be found! I cursed the park district but thanked myself for bringing wipes. Desperate times called for a desperate measure and I found a hidden spot in the brush…

  • YouTube is the future. Daily viewership has finally reached the equivalent of TV worldwide. Content, content, content. If you build it they will come. Go Muir.

  • My ‘for real’ moment didn’t come from my running this weekend but from my cross training the day after. I had a great 13 mile training run along the coast in Monterey/Pacific Grove-great weather and a challenging but not punishing course. The next day I went to barre and felt like a tweaked my lower back doing the seated pretzel seat work. DOH! I took an epsom bath last night, stretched and rolled out this morning so hoping this runs its course and is nothing more serious ahead of Big Sur at the end of April.

  • Nice to hear your voice! Sounds like lots of fun stuff coming up for you

  • Kinda bummed – no running saturday (weekends are my long run days) sunday was snowing – but the snow is pretty wet here so i settled for 50 minutes of random hills on the dreadmill and 50 minutes on the spinner – so pathetic – but I got to meet my relay team for the April 15th Realy – i could use any suggestions on these relays and how i can prepare for them please.

  • Congrats on your new venture,as I look forward to learning from you. My ‘Real time,” was this past weekend running in the cold. No races planned till the fall, so I am my “Maintenance mode.”

  • My moment – a ‘just ok’ long run on Sunday, getting changed after at lightning speed so my husband could go out for his run, turned around to see my baby girl sitting on the bedroom floor, delightedly munching on my sweaty running sock…

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