Why Do You Run? 110 Reasons You Should

Here are 110 reasons to run, from which I gathered from the Running4Real Community, within the Superstars Group:

I run now because I know someday in the future my body will tell me “no more”, until then I will use this gift I have to be able to run.- CJ Beatty

I run because I love how it makes me feel both physically and mentally.- Allison McArthur

I run to prove to myself that I can do hard things.-Joanie Sieberg Hausladen

Because running makes me a better person in so many ways.- Jo Bourke Martignoni

I run because it reminds me not to set limits on what I am capable of. Plus my brain is much happier when I do- Claire Connolly McNamara

Because I’ve spent too much on shoes, clothes & other stuff. No it was an investment in my health. But when my little voice starts telling me that there are easier ways to keep my fitness level, I look at my collection that I’d got for Endure 24 & tell myself that I need to use these things first. Still I keep adding tops & other stuff Can’t quit now- Etana Unitt

To keep moving forward, physically but moreso mentally! But eh…I’ve had a lazy few days of none. Ha- Elva Donnelly

Because I like it.- Michael Voss

Because I love to see where my body can take me.- Florian Jonas Kraemer

Because I can- Donna Stroud Ferguson, Marie Price, Tim Harkin & Bob Oakes

I run because its “me time” in my crazy days of being a mom and wife!-Jenna Lawson

I run now because I want my daughter to see me doing something that I truly enjoy and that is good for me.- Emily Vernon Brehm

I run for the over all feeling and confidence it gives . -Janet Lynn Millette Voelpert

Reminds me of who I am- Sarah Knowlton

To keep the black dog at bay as it can really do a lot of damage. Also, to take care of this gift I’ve been given.-Joe D

It’s a part of who I am. I need to run to be me.- Alanna Huber

It’s my passion and it keeps me alive.- Emma Jurado

I run to test my limits.- J Omar Maldonado Islas

I run because surviving the pain and coming out stronger is who I am. – Erin Keller

Because when you’re in love, you just do — even when it’s hard or it’s painful or it’s out of obligation or routine for that day. Love is mysterious, and so is running.- Jackie Noblett

To challenge myself and keep my sanity – Shannon Lawrence

Because it is a GIFT I give myself so I can give to others- Tawni M Gomes

Sanity- Katie Serbus, Jeff MacBane, Katherine Wallace Bates & Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

I run because it’s a very humbling experience. It makes me leave my ego at the door and deal with whatever experience it it has in store for me that day. Wether I like it or not- Tina Schwermer

It empowers me.- Kendall Hartzenberg

Because I know what it is like to not be able to run, or walk steps, or walk from the car to the store. I don’t want to go back to that place where I wasn’t able to run or bike or swim.- John Weeks

I run to relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life.- Lauren Stern Kalamar

To recharge my batteries, dispel anxiety and depression and laugh easier as the me time, and incredible feeling of strength and awe at what our bodies can do when you let them will always beat the black dog down.- Rachel Waugh

Because it makes me feel happy- Tina Wackerly Kujawa

I run because it’s the key to unlocking so much more personal potential, physically and mentally.- David Skytte

It makes me feel alive.- Nicole Rivera

As my bumper sticker say “It’s cheaper then therapy!” Jenny Reesman

I run to keep myself moving, to challenge myself and to honestly explore my true self- Marcelo Schiaffino

I run because it gives me the confidence to be 100% myself.- Mary Scott

Running makes me feel strong (most of the time!)- Jill Ormond Whitaker

So I can see the world from a different perspective (both literally and figuratively)- Annie Tiffin

I run to untangle my mind.-Mayra Flores

Running is my daily vacation- Sascha Oliver

Hot chips and cake- Kal Newcomb

It’s my me-cation! Truly the only time I have to and for myself… Everything else is chores, kids, husband, work, etc- Wilmarie Clark

I run for the constant challenge! -Jennifer Schramm

I run because not to long ago it was something that was impossible for me, running now reminds me I can do hard things.- Elisabeth Marnik

Because it clears my head and gives me perspective on life.- Neal Barton

It just makes me feel good!!- Holly Beazer Sato

Stress relief and calorie burn- Sue Reiter

To those who hate me I have a legacy- Abdallah Rahou

I run to see what is possible and to push my limits physically and mentally.- JJ Stark-Christian

Keeping depression at ease and me time- Jenn Prado Fuenmayor

It is what I was meant to do- Debra Deal Hexsel and Sarah Wiliarty

I run for those who can’t – Mike Irwin

Mental clarity- Vanessa Cameron

I run to get the best out of myself. – Daphne Matalene

For the challenge, for the fun, for the community! -Donna Wood Wise

Because it makes me happy!- Alan Pesarchick

Because I keep falling off my bike!- James Vernon

Running is the only sense of personal accomplishment that I’ve ever had- Liz Ansley

It feels great- Laura Hall

It’s the naturally thing to do, since we evolved to run, not to sit in chairs.- Jeffrey Rheiner

To remain healthy so I can age gracefully and strong. And because I can, when so many cannot.- Peg DeBiasi

My wife makes me do it- David Lam

So my demons can’t catch me- Sarah Gustafson

Part of living a better life. Even if PRs don’t happen, you have a goal to train for, a reason to get out the door, and a healthier body, mind, and spirit- Mary Hossier

I run to be a better Father, Husband, Scout Master- Gary Talamini

I run because it gives me something to always strive for and look forward to doing.-Jonathan Hillowitz

I run because it gives me a sense of accomplishment – and I enjoy it.- Sally H Pontarelli

Running makes me the best version of myself. After my run, I am a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, and colleague than I would be if I missed my run.- Erin Hadley Ginocchio

It makes me feel strong!- Rachel Galang-Villavicencio

For me- Charity Fick

For my Mom because she couldn’t. #HeartDiseaseSucks- Genevie Ramirez Jacobs

Because my running group is amazing.- Cristina Colagiovanni

I run to give myself time to think, breathe deeply and feel alive.- Lauren Epps

Because it’s just as natural as brushing my teeth- Liz ‘Lizabee’ Kim

I run because I can. When going through cancer treatment I couldn’t run. I know people who can’t run or people who used to run but can’t now so I feel blessed everyday when I can do my plodding turtle running.- Mark Posey

I run because it makes me feel good about myself.- Melissa Myers Parrish

Health- Edgar M. Robles

It gives me the opportunity to accomplish things I thought impossible and at the same time granting me the ohhh soooo precious and scarce ME time.- Annouschka De Clercq

Me time- Lisa Darden Wagoner

It keeps me fit and I enjoy striving to improve.- Stacey Sangster

Can’t beat those endorphins afterwards…..but I think my main reason is to keep fit!- Erica Johnson Erasmus

Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!- Julia Wylie

Cos if I dont I will be had up for murder!!- Jacqueline Bengover

Freedom- Kate Frost

Acheivements- Kaily MQ

It calms my mind and sets my soul on fire- Bridgett Hughes

For the enjoyment- Sylvia Jongsma

For freedom from my day- Judy Street

Peace- Sylvie Lloyd

Many reasons, but a big one Is that it replaced unhealthy addictions.- April Singleton

It keeps me alive.- Alfred Jongsma

Companionship- Linda Bernosky Foreman

It brings out my best- Heidi L. Peters

I like how it makes me feel- Jeremy Noessel

I run because it makes me a better person- Troy Hanson

For a small bit of freedom in my life- Jessica Dawn Payne

I run because movement brings me joy.- Sarah Wiliarty

Because it’s hard, and I’m no good at it, but every little bit of progress shows me beyond any doubt that I am capable of far more than I ever dreamed I could do- Ingrid Sell-Boccelli

To get my high- Nada Prouty

Because it’s something that has shown me (and continues to do so) that I’m capable of so much more than I give myself credit for- Ida Sulkunen

I run because I am chasing something, I just haven’t figured out what that ‘something’ is yet.- Brad Lindert

Because I feel like my best self when I am running. If I haven’t run for a while I get really tense and anxious.- Nicole Grant

To keep fit, I love it, I can eat more, it challenges me, to motivate my kids, to escape, to see new places & gives me time to listen to podcasts!!- Anna Overy

Running makes me feel like a child at play- Denise Youngman

To be free. Free of the stresses & strains of life, free of the city, free of nagging doubt and fear, free of responsibilities, free of depression, free to reconnect with the natural world around me, free to breathe deeply of life. Just to run free.- Mark Taylor

I like the feeling of freedom and fresh air when I run.- Stacy Thomas

I do my bed thinking when I’m running. My intuition kicks in!- Katherine Jeffords

To be present in the now, to feel alive and start each day as the best version of me- Erica van Heerden

It makes me happy and able to handle the world, even when the workout or run is tough!- Margaret Hoogland

Me time, on beautiful trails enjoying the sounds and sights of nature.- Willy Bruijns-Miller

Running makes me a better person. (The explanation of why that is wouldn’t fit in one sentence, but I guess you can figure it out).- Annette Cestari

It makes me feel alive and strong!- Dena Demman

So there you have it. If you haven’t run in a while, or have never been for a run, these are all the wonderful reasons you should give it a try, beyond all the usual reasons. You can even start off correctly by using my beginners guide to running. This podcast series will give you everything you need from some of the worlds best experts in beginners.

And did you notice that not one of these mentioned weight loss. That may be the reason many start, but running gives so much more than that, you just have to give it a chance 🙂

If you are injured, my heart aches for you, I know how hard this can be to not run on this day, but maybe this post on overcoming injury depression will help…just a little. You can still go for a walk today and join in the fun!

Why do YOU run?

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