The Ultimate List of Running Rehab Specialists, Experts, Therapists

I often get asked about what running experts I can recommend for injury, running gait assessment, and treatment.

You know I have been to UVA Speed Clinic three times, and I made it pretty clear which experts I trust through my mentions of Team Ice Cream, but I know I have friends all over the world who would also like to find people to help.  So I dug deep, looked for the best I know, and asked them who they would recommend, and here is what I ended up with.

This is by no means conclusive, and I intend to add to this list, but thought it would be a good starting point ūüôā


RESEARCHER: Alejandro Lucia (From Universidad Europea) Madrid

RESEARCHER: José López Chicharro (Universidad Complutense) Madrid

RESEARCHER: Jordan Santos-Concejero

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: I√Īigo Mujika (USP Araba Sport Clinic)

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Jurdan Mengutxi, also known as Jurdan Mendigutxia (Zentrum)

SPORTS SCIENTIST: Carlos Balsalobre (Universidad Europea) Madrid


PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Brad Beer (PoGo Physio) Queensland

TENDINOPATHY EXPERT: Peter Malliaris (Complete Sports Care) Melbourne

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Christain Barton (Complete Sports Care) Melbourne

MUSCULOSKELTAL PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Jay Shian-Tan (Flex Physiotherapy) Mudoch, WA

CLINICIAN: Craig Payne (Research Junkie) Melbourne

SPORTS PHYSICIAN: John Orchard (Orchard Sports Injury) Sydney

United States

CHIROPRACTOR: Kyle Bowling (Kentucky Chiropractic), Louisville, Kentucky

CHIROPRACTOR: Mike Sullivan (Sullivan Chiropractic), Lexington, Kentucky

OLYMPIC COACH: Dan Pfaff (ALTIS), Phoenix Arizona

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Charlie Weingroff New York, New York

PODIATRIST: Nick Campitelli, Akron, Ohio

PODIATRIST: Stephen Pribut, Washington DC

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Jeremy Stoker, Mountain Land Physical Therapy, Kaysville, Utah

BIOMECHANIST: Bryan Heiderscheit, Madison Wisconsin

SPORTS MEDICINE: Dr. Nick Monson, Farmington, Utah

SPORTS MEDICINE/REHAB: Dr. Dan Cushman, Farmington, Utah

BIOMECHANIST/ORTHOPEDIST: Shawn Allen, Allen Chiropractics, Chicago, Illinois

BIOMECHANIST/REHAB: Ivo Waerlop: Summit Chiropractic and Rehab, Dillon, Colorado

BIOMECHANIST: Max Prokopy, UVA Speed Clinic, Charlottesville, Virginia

BIOMECHANIST/REHAB: Jay Dicharry, REP Lab, Bend, Oregon

BIOMECHANIST/DOCTOR: Mark Cucuzzella, Natural Running Center, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

MASSAGE THERAPIST: Lu Mueller-Kaul (Balance Orlando), Orlando, Florida

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Rod Henderson (Head Strong Coach), Houston, Texas

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Kyle Ridgeway (PT Think Tank) Denver, Colorado

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Chris Johnson (Zeren PT & Performance) Seattle, Washington

United Kingdom

BIOMECHANIST: Matt Phillips (Sport Injury Matt) Brighton

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Richmond Stace (Specialist Pain Physio) London

OSTEOPATH: Stephen Makinde (Perfect Balance Clinic) London & St Albans

ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE: Hernan Valdivia (Everybody Health), London

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: James Dunne (Kinetic Revolution),

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Adam Meakins (The Sports Physio) Hertfordshire

BIOMECHANIST: Stuart Miller (UK Sports Science), London

PODIATRIST: Ian Griffiths ( Sports Podiatry) London

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Tom Goom (The Physio Room), Brighton

ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON: David Gordon (David Gordon Orthopedic), London

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Mike Stewart (Know Pain) Margate, Kent

PODIATRIST: Jim Woodburn (Glasgow Caledonian University), Glasgow, Scotland


PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Derek Griffin (Bon Secours) Tralee


PHYSIOTHERAPIST/BIOMECHANIST: Greg Lehman (Reconciling Biomechanics) Toronto

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Tony Ingram (Mind and Movement), Halifax, NL

SCIENCE WRITER: Paul Ingraham (Pain Science) Vancouver

SCIENCE WRITER: Alex Hutchinson (Sweat Science), Toronto

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Diane Jacobs (Sensible Solutions Physiotherapy), Weyburn, Saskatchewan

DIRECTOR OF RUNNING INJURY CLINIC: Reed Furber (Running Injury Clinic) Calgary

New Zealand

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Paul Lagerman (The Naked Physio), Auckland



NEUROMUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Sigurd Mikkelsen (Manuelterapeut),¬†Fredrikstad, √ėstfold


As I mentioned, I will add experts to the list, but only once one of the people I look up to in the particular field¬†can verify them as a trusted source. If you aren’t able to go to any of those places then I have also gathered some experts together on my Coming Back from Injuries Podcast Series.

Hope this helps!

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