Let’s Celebrate The Women Who Inspire

International Women’s Day.

A day that celebrates women making changes and bringing our rights closer to where they should be.

For me, International Women’s Day is a day to think about those women who have inspired me. Of course, I know there are many, many women who have sacrificed, fought, relentlessly pursued fair treatment for us as a whole, and I am eternally grateful to them, but for me, I could literally list THOUSANDS of women who have inspired me.

I thought about writing out many of the women who have been particularly instrumental along my journey. 

My mum, my sister, my aunties, my grandmas who showed me courage, love, support, appreciation for who I am. 

The female PE teachers in school who pushed me to aim high and challenge myself. 

My sports psychologist, Evie, who helped me work through my mental struggles.

The superwomen who taught me (and thousands of others) to BE MYSELF, like Brene Brown, Alli Worthington, Rachel Hollis, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Kelly Olexa, Lauren Fleshman, Candice Huffine. 

The women who inspired me to chase my running dreams; Mary Wittenberg, Paula Radcliffe, Kara Goucher.

And of course, the many many friends, who have inspired me along the way, supported me, loved me, cared for me. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized, there were no FEW key women in my life, but I am inspired EVERY SINGLE DAY by many women.

It doesn’t have to be about someone who has become famous for their choices. I am inspired by “everyday” women, people like you and me who are doing something to make the world a  better place.

Maybe it is being present with your children as a stay at home mom. I know from experience, that it can feel like you are not doing enough, that you should also have a career or something else to add when you introduce yourself. But friends, one of THE MOST important things we can do, is to teach the future generations to be good people, good genuine people who are going to fight for what is right and strive to make our world the best place it can be. Who cares if you wear running clothes all day long like I do. I love being able to wear things like my
Adidas How We Do Tights That doesn’t make you any less of an inspiration than those women wearing killer dresses and heels. Mums, you inspire me.

Maybe it is chasing a career in a male oriented world. That is scary as heck, and there is a lot you have to deal with as a woman in a mans world. Men are called assertive when they are strong and fight for what is right and fair. Women are often called bitchy, catty, cold. Not really fair, but women who do this are paving the way for others to follow along. Who says the woman has to be the one at home or that the man has to be the “breadwinner”? Women who chase after big career goals, you inspire me.

Maybe it is caring for someone who needs extra assistance. Who has been dealt a tough hand, and needs your support. It can be hard to say yes when everyone else is saying no. To look after that loved one, who requires your unwavering attention, love, and support, but there are many out there who do it, and without asking anything back. You inspire me.

Maybe it is you reading who feels like you aren’t anything special. You are just going about your daily life, doing the best you can. You have nothing special to offer this world, you are just…average. Well, my friend, you are not. You are out there trying to be the best person you can be, do the best with the situation you are in, and that is enough. People fighting their battles, being vulnerable and admitting that things are hard, but you are doing your best, that isnt easy. Ladies, you inspire me.

It doesn’t have to be about setting the world on fire, being someone who changes hundreds of thousands of lives. It is just about you, your life, and what you can do to inspire the women, and ESPECIALLY the young girls in your life.

Something as simple as being brave enough to run in just a sports bra, might inspire another woman who drives past you on your run to be brave enough to do it too…which then inspires other women.

Or ONLY talking to yourself in a kind way in front of other women and girls (although really, you should always only talk kindly to yourself). If we can stop criticizing our appearance or things we do in front of young girls, they will stop learning that this is the way things are.

Or it could be putting on your thick coat (I LOVE this Adidas Nuvic Jacket), and getting out there in the cold, doing what you need to get done, because the weather isn’t gonna stop you.

It doesn’t have to be a big step, lots of little steps can make a HUGE difference. 

YOU are a women, and you are strong, now go believe it.

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