Best Gifts for New Moms: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Last week I did my gifts for runners guide, this week it’s mums turn. If you are a mother runner, then you luck out, two guides with ideas! I wanted to share a gift guide with unique gifts for new moms, especially gifts for new moms that aren’t for the baby, as many of the guides I have seen end up being all about the little one.

Cute and all, but mama needs to be pampered too! Many of these gifts for new moms can be found on amazon, so it is nice and easy to order, but others can be adapted to where you live and what the mom you know likes.

So here are my recommendations and the gifts I think the mama in your life will love.

Finding gifts for new moms that are not for baby can be difficult, but here are some ideas, some under $20 to treat your new mama a present for the holidays.

For the Mother Who Needs Me Time: Chicco TRE Running Stroller ($380)

Okay, so I did say these were gifts for mama not baby, BUT hear me out…if you are a runner (which I happen to be), and your baby is over six months, I would argue this IS a gift for mama. If I didn’t have my stroller, I would not run more days than I would be able to run. It allows me to get out and have an hour for myself. I get the emotional, mental, and physical workout, and she gets a nice nap due to the regular rhythm of the stroller. We both get back feeling energized and ready to get back to playing.

If you don’t run, it doesn’t matter, this is a nice sturdy stroller that can handle bumps and big raises in the sidewalk…which we certainly have here in Lexington!

You can find the Chicco TRE Running Stroller here.

For the Foodie Mother: Gift Card for a Restaurant ($50-100 recommended)

There are three ways you can do this, depending on the age of the baby/child and the type of mother you are working with.

  1. Get her a gift card for her favorite restaurant and offer to babysit while her and her partner (or a friend) go out to dinner like regular people. This will get her out of the house, and doing something from her old life that she used to enjoy.
  2. Get her a gift card to a restaurant that is baby friendly that she can go out with her little family and enjoy doing something a bit more normal….with an additional family member who just requires a little extra assistance
  3. Get her a gift card to a restaurant that does takeout. Especially in those early days, a lot of meals can be a bit of a scramble. If there is a restaurant nearby that does takeout or even better, delivery, that can make life SO much easier!

For a Mother Who Prioritizes her Health: YMCA membership (depends on your area)

Being able to get back to exercise can be yet another way mothers feel more like themselves. It is something we can have control over and remind us of our previous life before we began living life for another person. Getting a membership to a gym is a wonderful way where the mother can get into a class or just on the machines on her own, without needing anything else. A gym like the YMCA also has the added benefit of Childwatch, so you can put your baby into the daycare for up to two hours, and know your baby is in good hands. That means you (or your mama friend/family) can do their workout, and still have enough time to sit in the hot tub or sauna to relax for a few minutes.

Win Win!

I am a member of the Whittaker YMCA in Lexington, but you can also join a YMCA near you.

For a Stocking Filler: Bombas Performance Socks ($12-$17)

I know socks have always been a bit of a jokey gift when you don’t know what to get someone, but I absolutely love getting new socks, especially as that is something we wouldn’t exactly ask for ourselves…it just doesn’t come into our minds. For a new mother, some nice socks can be such a simple comfort, but when you are running around after a little baby in the winter, it is very easy to neglect yourself and just sit there freezing cold as you don’t want to leave them and risk the baby getting upset.

If you have some nice comfy socks in a few places around the house, you can always put them on as a mini comfort. It is a bonus that these Bombas socks can also allow you to do something good for the world. Every pair they sell, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter, so you and the mama in your life can know you are doing something to help others, at a time where volunteering is not exactly top of the list.

Get 20% off your first order with the code running4real

Find Bombas socks here.

For the Mother Who Has Been Neglecting Herself: Stitch Fix or Mercury Mile ($100-200)

Since Bailey was born, I have barely purchased anything for myself. I have a feeling that is the case for most new mothers. It just seems more important to get your baby all the things they need. After all, we have had the previous years of our lives to buy for ourselves, now it is their turn.

That being said, a lot of your clothes after having a baby do not fit the same as they used to. I found I couldn’t fit in a lot of my clothes until just recently, and Bailey is now 10 months old. I also still cannot get my hips in a lot of the clothes I used to wear before.

But I really struggle to spend money on myself, and I know my other mama friends are the same.

Both Stitch Fix and Mercury Mile would be a great gift for a new mother, because it will create a whole new outfit for them that is both stylish and functional…or whatever combination of that they want. You fill out a survey and they send you a box containing 4-6 pieces that go together well (but can be worn on their own). Whatever you like, you keep, whatever you don’t you send back.

Why mention two different brands?

Stitch Fix is more every day casual. Mercury Mile is activewear. For me, Mercury Mile is right up my street, but for the mama in your life, maybe they will prefer Stitch Fix to be able to wear something other than running tights 🙂

You can use code TINA10 for $10 off at

Evoke Museli ($24 for 4 bags)

Okay, so I had always heard other mothers talking about how they didn’t have time to eat. I have firmly resided in the camp of EVERYONE has time to eat. Don’t give me that crap! I struggled to understand people who said they didn’t eat for hours. I love eating!

That being said, I get it now, sometimes your baby is just being demanding, and you putting them down to hear them scream loud while you get something to eat, is just not something you want to do. Besides, you can barely hear yourself think when that is happening, which makes it very tough to actually decide on something to eat.

Therefore, muesli has been a go to for me for breakfast. I can just throw some in a bowl and cover it with milk. As museli is raw by nature, it doesn’t matter if you take a few bites, then leave it a few mins and have another. I love to make my own giant tub of it, and here is my recipe, but I have also been introduced lately to Evoke Museli. I enjoy making my own foods, but many mamas do not, and for them, this would be a great idea. They come in lots of unique flavors and are packed with nutrition (which is another thing easy to neglect when you are trying to grab things on the go!).

Find Evoke Muesli here.

Delivery ice cream: Jenis ($50 is recommended)

I know, I know. The mama in your life wants to lose her baby weight.

Now I say that she is beautiful just as she is. The weight will come off when her body is ready, and right now, she is looking after a little person, so it is okay if you hold on to a few pounds. That being said, on those days where we are most stressed, a little friend that comes in a cold tub can make things a little easier.

I absolutely LOVE ice cream, and I was lucky enough to be sent some of Jeni’s ice cream by one of my Running for Real Community (Thanks Danielle!). It really made my day to get a gift card from Jenis and know it would be delivered to me with the flavors I chose despite the fact there is no Jeni’s ice cream place here. They are unique and flavorful. A fun gift for the mama in your life.

Find Jeni’s here and order your mama friend a gift card.

Apple iWatch ($300)

I never thought I would be one of those people who wanted an Apple Watch, and although I have wanted one since early this year, I thought I was being excessive and didn’t really NEED it, so let it go.

But here it is, back on my list again, and here is why.

When you are a new mama, you have to put your baby first, that is a given. Sometimes carrying your phone around with you is just not possible, and it is even distracting to the baby. If they are just falling to sleep, but see the phone light up, it might be enough to wake them up.

We are also not allowing Bailey to see screens until she is 18 months. I know she is growing up in the culture with them, but I just want her to enjoy basic activities for this period in her life.

SO, having an Apple Watch means you can see a message coming in from your husband saying they are on their way, without having to go to your phone. It means you can leave your phone across the room and not have to get up if you hear it ringing, because you can see who it is.

I feel like for me it will allow me to let things go. I can read the message or note on my watch, and then respond when I can, removing the urgency we all have to go check our phones as much.

Maybe this is me just trying to convince everyone I NEED one, or maybe this really is a good reason.

Either way, I am sure the mama in your life would appreciate it too…plus, what a nice treat for someone who is giving all their energy to a little person.

Find the Apple iWatch here.

For the Mother Who is Experiencing Postpartum Hair Loss: Hair Cut ($20-$100)

When you are pregnant, your hair is thick and luscious, glossy and just the best it has ever been…or ever will be. Pregnancy hair is the best, and you lose very few hairs off your hair during that time.

Fast forward to a few months after the baby is born….all those hairs you didn’t lose while pregnant suddenly come out…and in giant chunks. It can make you feel like you are going bald, especially when they come out around your face, and you are left with little tufts. It can really mess with a girls confidence.

Giving your loved one a gift card to their favorite hair salon, and even better, booking them in for an appointment while you watch the baby is one way to allow her to be pampered, while getting her hair into the best condition it can be. A haircut is something most mothers will put off, but they would very much appreciate an early appointment, especially for the feel good you experience as you walk out with hair done by a professional.

For the Mother Who is Trying to Eat Healthy: Ikea Silicon Baking Sheet ($5)

Life is a liiiiittle crazy after you have a baby, and there are only so many takeout meals and Mac ‘n’ cheese boxes you can take. A few months after we had Bailey, I was so sick of the restaurants we used to love which did delivery or takeout, that I didn’t go near them for months.

We do however, want to get back on a normal schedule of cooking. The part we hate more than ever though? CLEANING! Especially dried on, stuck, stubborn food on our pans.

That is where these silicon sheets come in nicely. They are sturdy, so nothing runs through them and ends up getting your pan dirty anyway (yes, I am talking to you aluminum foil!), and they are pretty easy to clean. The dried on stuff comes off very easily, which is a huge bonus when you just want cleaning to be over with. I love the Ikea ones, but you can find them in many stores with kitchen equipment these days.

Find the Ikea Silicon Baking Sheet here (or at your local Ikea!)

For Mothers Who Love to Read:

I love the idea of reading…just never seem to be able to follow through with it. I take a long time to read books, because I always find something else that NEEDS to be done when I would be reading. HOWEVER, I have lately been LOVING my audible membership, which means I can listen to books while I am playing with Bailey, while driving in the car, on a run with her in the stroller. Pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It is great to know I am learning things, becoming a better person, without giving up my time with my babe.

Audible memberships allow you to get 1 book a month starting at $14.95 or you can get more books within a month for a heavily discounted price or go up in membership to get more credits.

If the mama in your life does enjoy reading, here are some I have enjoyed this year.

Girl, Wash Your Face ($16)

I was only introduced to Rachel Hollis this year, and I am wondering where she has been the rest of my life. She speaks SO MUCH TRUTH in this book. It covers the lies we tell ourselves, and addresses a lot of the things that we thought we were the only one who struggles with, along with how to deal with it and move on. Rachel has a few chapters dedicated to being a mama, but many of the others apply. A book EVERY woman needs to read.

Find Girl, Wash your Face here.

No Drama Discipline ($11)

Okay, so this is a parenting book, technically for the child not the mother, BUT it is a different approach to what we know and hear about how to discipline and grow your child into the best version of themselves they can be. It seems quite idealistic at times, and I just don’t know how I will handle frustration in the moment. I am already on my second time round through this book, as everything they say makes so much sense. I hope I can raise Bailey in this way.

Find No Drama Discipline here.

For a Mother Runner: Koala Clip ($28)

I never used to take my phone with me, but after having a baby, I rarely run without it, just incase they need to contact me, especially in those early days when they can need a feed of all sudden.

Most running clothes are not the best at holding a phone, especially the larger ones we tend to have now. The Koala clip saves the day here as you can clip it onto your sports bra (which also has the advantage of being close to your ear if you need to listen out for it), and get on with your run. It is sweatproof and does not run at all. I have really enjoyed using mine.

Find the Koala clip here and use code running4real for 10% off.

For the Breastfeeding Mother: Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra ($98)

I can see what you are thinking, $98 for ONE sports bra! What the heck is wrong with you?

It IS a lot of money, I understand that, and a part of me has cringed every time I have handed over the money to purchase one of these (I now have four), but I mentioned this in my pregnancy gift guide last year, and I will mention it again, it is THAT good. Our boobs change sizes a lot while pregnant and during the first year of postpartum, and you need a bra to support those heavy, giant things while you are exercising, or even when they are just damn sore.

This was the only bra I could wear when my boobs were engorged in the early days, or when I had mastitis or a clogged duct. It was also the only bra I could run in, as it actually made them feel comfortable, not pinned down.

I have now put my larger sizes away as my boobs have come down to a normal size, but I will be bringing them right back out again when I need them again someday, and for now, I have a smaller size Enlite that fits just perfect.

It is worth it, and the mama in your life will thank you!

Find the Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra here.

For the Mother Who Wants to Make Fast, Quality Meals: Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow ($16.50)

As I mentioned earlier, at a certain point, you just want to get back to eating normal food. Food you can make yourself and know what is going in it. It also gives you that sense of being in your former life where you could cook and save money by making things yourself.

I would strongly recommend you (or the mama in your life), makes double batches of everything you make, to either have the second set the following day or just to put it in the freezer in smaller batches to use as you need.

This cookbook is full of wonderful, simple, quick recipes for every meal, which means when you are stressed and frantic trying to grab food fast, you have something healthy ready to go.

Find Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow here.

For Indestructible and Mum Proof Sunglasses: Goodr Sunglasses ($12-$40)

At first I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about with these Goodr Sunglasses. Everyone I saw on social media seemed to be wearing them and loving them, but why?

Then we were kindly sent a few pairs by a runner who had used our training plans and run a huge personal best. Suddenly, I got it! They were comfortable, did not get sweaty, did not appear to scratch, and best of all, I could give them to Bailey in moments of need (when she was screaming in the carseat), and they would give me at least 5 minutes before she would start getting upset again.

I LOVE these glasses, and for the price, they are a steal! Get yourself (or your mama loved one) a few pairs, heck, get the baby a pair of their own!

Goodr Sunglasses here.

For the Mother Who Struggles to Switch Off: Headspace Subscription ($96 for a year subscription)

I am TERRIBLE at taking downtime.

I was good at it the first few months Bailey was born. I did enjoy plenty of cuddles with hours of Netflix or Ellen, but now she is older and I feel the need to get back to work. I find it hard not to use every single minute for productivity…which ends up being well, unproductive, as your brain is constantly on the go.

I have been using Headspace for about a month now, and absolutely loving it. It helps me to calm my mind, be still for a few moments, and come out with more clarity. Especially when you have a fussy baby, it can make all the difference in the world for you to just feel you can handle it.

Now, I will admit that sometimes I find it really hard to literally find time in the day to do it when I have Bailey on my own for a few days. BUT if you can be brave enough to turn the sound off the monitor for just 5-10 minutes while they are sleeping (knowing you will be able to hear them if they do start crying), it can make the world of difference.

Find out more about Headspace here. They also have a free 10 meditation trial.

For the Mother Who Needs Pampering: Pedicure or Manicure ($20-60)

I used to really enjoy getting a pedicure once or twice a year after my big races. it would be something I looked forward to, and not only appreciated having someone sorting out my nasty feet to make them all soft and pretty, but I also enjoyed the aftermath. Looking down at my feet a few times a day and smiling as they looked so cute.

Since Bailey has been born, I have not had a single pedicure or manicure, but I can say from experience, that it would be a nice thing to do. In a time when everything is about looking after the baby, some kind of treat like this can really mean a lot to the mama in your life.

You can find a pedicure or manicure salon near you, just be sure to read some reviews first!

For Every Mother : A Massage (price varies)

Yep, every mother deserves one of these.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a massage at Hand and Stone Massage in Lexington, and I enjoyed having a massage so much more than I ever thought I would. It was so nice to just be treated to something special like that, and have all those sore muscles in my back and shoulders I had been neglecting for months, worked out.

If you can get your new mama a postpartum massage, that is even better. Those first few weeks our bodies are definitely in a bit of a rough place, and they would appreciate it a lot.

Every mama deserves at least one massage in their first year after baby. Be the one who makes them feel special and appreciated.

What would you add?

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