What Integrity Means to Me (Why BodyHealth Perfect Amino is still in my life)

If you have followed me for more than about 10 minutes, you will know that my word is very important. My integrity, honesty, ability to speak my truth is something I hold close.

I have turned down big paychecks many times because I just could not get behind the product (one in particular by the way, I couldn’t even swallow it, was that bad!!) or because I felt it was wrong to promote that product when I had given my trust and faith to another similar brand or product. A few weeks ago, a major running shoe company reached out to me directly, twice, but I turned them down, because I genuinely believe in Altra (and no, they do not pay me) and their shoes. I have turned brands down who I previously worked with, because something about it just feels….well, slimy. As you can imagine, their persistent emails me asking me to change my mind do not help that situation!

I also tell brands who would like me to share about their product (and there are a LOT!) that IF I agree to try it (and 90% I do not), I may not even share at all if I don’t feel confident about it, so they can either have a negative review posted, or nothing at all.

So yes, my review, my word means a lot. I therefore take a lot of time and consideration trying something and believing in it before I put my name behind it.

Why tell you this now? Because not every person you see who is out there promoting a product, is going to do that. Many will just grab every opportunity they get, and I just don’t work that way.

One brand you will hear me talk about often, or have in the past, is BodyHealth, primarily their recovery product, Perfect Amino. I have been using Perfect Amino for close to five years now, and it has helped me through every stage of my life.

When I was running as an elite, chasing that Great Britain and Northern Ireland jersey, RUNNING for GB&NI in a world championship, giving myself only 5 weeks after that opportunity before running a 4 minute personal best in the marathon at London. BodyHealth Perfect Amino was a MASSIVE part of why I believe I was able to recover.

During my training as an elite, I could tell when I had forgotten to take my tablets while traveling. I felt it in my legs, I felt it in the heaviness and lethargy in my recovery times. Most of all, I felt it in my bounce back ability to get ready for the next hard day. My recovery felt like I was stalling. Once, while in England, I even asked them to ship me some to England, because I felt so bad. I couldn’t wait for the mail to arrive!

I know it seems hard to believe in this time, hard to trust anyone and what they are saying. But I hope what I said above shows you that I genuinely did use it every single day, I would take 5-10 Perfect Amino tablets. I liked to take them immediately post run, because I knew then that I had not consumed any fat or protein in the previous that could mess up uptake, and then it forced me to have a 23 minute window to get some stretching and rolling in, before I ate my meal. I liked knowing that I could force myself to do something that I was not so good at doing (the mobility work), but having that 23 minutes gave me an end time to finish with it….so I could get to the fun part, going to eat!

I do believe BodyHealth Perfect Amino was a big part of why I stayed healthy too. Of course the strength training played a big role, as did smart coaching from Steve, but as I said, the recovery time really was lessened, so I didn’t have to tempt fate and push my body, because it did feel ready by the time we had to go fast or long again.

Once I stopped running as an elite, and stopped training at the level I was, it could have been easy to part ways with BodyHealth…or more likely, for them to part ways with me, not seeing the value anymore. Except they didn’t. They stuck by me when I was going through the transition of figuring out who I was, and sharing my story about my struggles, that said a lot, when many other brands ditched me during that time.

I continued to take Perfect Amino, and took it during pregnancy too, as it is totally safe (it is just amino acids after all). Even though we may not be training really hard, I would argue our bodies are actually working even harder during pregany, and yes, during postpartum recovery, in particular, while nursing. I knew my body was being put under a lot of pressure, and knowing I had Perfect Amino on my side really helped me to get through it.

Particularly in the early stages of pregnancy, eating was tough. I felt nauseous all the time, many foods were repulsive to me, and there is no way I was getting enough protein in my diet, something your body needs extra of to…you know, create a life!

Taking Perfect Amino gave me the confidence to know my body was being taken care of, even if I wasn’t the one doing it.

And after the postpartum phase was over?

I was not training at the elite level, not really doing much at all…except push myself in new ways. I was instead trying to juggle too many things, and therefore my diet was lacking, especially in the protein area. BodyHealth once again swooped in to help me, offering a range of products on their website to look after me when I wasn’t doing that for myself.

You may ask yourself, why write this post at this time? If I have been talking about BodyHealth Perfect Amino for years, why do I now feel the need to share the full story, share my full use of the product?

Well, because there are many who have been asking about it lately, and because I feel it is important to highlight and celebrate this company for caring about me. My word means a lot to me, and this is a company who has helped me through stressful times of every type.

I hope if you have not already tried Perfect Amino tablets, you will consider it now. They really are wonderful and helpful. Whether you are injured or healthy, training for a goal race or only able to run a little cause life is too hectic, pregnant or postpartum, it can help you.

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