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Steve Picucci coached Tina Muir to a 16:08 5k, 1:13 half marathon, 2:36 marathon and has coached hundreds of runners at the collegiate level including dozens who ran at the NCAA Division I and II National championships. He has also worked with some professional runners.

There are no minimum requirements other than:
-You must be committed to running five days a week
-You must be either training for a race within six months or have the intention of trying to find one

A few other things to note:
-PACE/SPEED DO NOT MATTER! He is not selecting the fastest people, nor does he care about that at all. If you try, he will love working with you
-Coaching for any distance 1 mile to 50k (on the road/track)
-This coaching includes a 30-minute onboarding call with Steve and the ability to text/email Steve multiple times a week thereafter

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