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Decided it is time to take the next step to go chase that big running goal by following a half marathon plan? We want to bring a smile to your face (just like the one in the photo of me above) as you cross the finish line knowing you just ran faster than you ever thought you could.

My husband (and coach) Steve took me from a 21 minute 5k to 16 minutes within a few years, to a 2:36 marathon, and has made countless collegiate and post collegiate athletes achieve personal bests they never dreamed possible. Steve has always kept his training secret, but the king of peaking runners for when it matters is ready to share his secrets to success with you.

With this 16 week plan, we will build you up slowly to the 40-50 and 60-70 mile per week plan, don’t worry, you don’t need to be at the mileage numbers to start with! We will give you everything you need to prepare for your marathon and go into race day feeling confident. This program is completely effort based, and during the 16 weeks, we will train you how to run by feel, so you can learn to trust your body to tell you what it is ready for, leaving you confident, prepared, and in the best shape of your life.

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7 reviews for Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Lauren Kalamar (verified owner)

    I ran my first half marathon in September. Tina and Steve’s plan helped me get to the starting line healthy and strong. I started the plan right after recovering from an injury, and I was naturally nervous about the mileage. But the effort scale eased my fears. It really works! I cannot recommend this plan enough. It’s great for beginners, those who are coming back from injury, and those who want to achieve their running dreams. I would know — I did all three in the span of 15 weeks using this plan!

  2. David Skytte

    This plan has been a true game changer for me, and I don’t really think there’s anything out there like it. I used the 60-70mpw plan, as I had previously run around those distances in marathon training. In fact, the plan has sufficient flexibility to adjust up or down according to how training is going (adding extra miles or days). The major difference from other plans is that you aren’t prescribed any paces, but rather at what effort each workout should be done. While that might seem scary and confusing at first, it’s well described in the book that comes along with the plan. And the way the workouts are structured individually and throughout the plan, they willvery cleverly guide you through how to do it. For me, it was about halfway through everything started to click. Once I got the hang of running by feel (and not let my pace be dictated by my watch), I felt a renewed joy of running and confidence in what I was doing. The way the workouts are structured also gives you plenty of variation. You’re never just struck in a routine. This leaves the body guessing and prepared for running at a variety of effort levels regardless of wind, hills, fatigue and other unknowns a race might throw at you. Finally, I want to highlight that the plan also gives you access to a great community of other runners who have gone or are going through the same struggles, doubts, and ultimately victories as you. Tina and Steve are also ready to share their expertise to solve any training doubts you might have. I’ll definitely be using this plan again in the future. And that’s an added bonus that you won’t have to buy another plan as there are no paces that will have to be updated. This is for life.

  3. scperea (verified owner)

    I’m just starting out with the half marathon training plan, and am really looking forward to going through the full 16 week plan over my next training period. The workouts are challenging and dynamic, and provide a great variety week to week to help keep the body guessing and the mind stimulated. The weekly plans are very well laid out and easy to follow, but when I’ve had a few questions, Tina has been very responsive and helpful with the answers I needed!

  4. Amy Husveth (verified owner)

    I’ve been running consistently since 2008. 2017 was the first time I followed an actual training plan. I purchased the 40-50 MPW half marathon training plan. The plan was easy to follow and had enough flexibility that I could fit my workouts in around my work and other commitments. There was also plenty of support via the private Facebook group associated with the plan – it was easy to get answers to my questions when needed. I was also very happy with the results of my training. My “A” race for the season was the Monterey Bay half marathon. I ended up running a 1:34 (a PR for me!), and finishing as the 6th woman in my age group. Overall, I was in the top 1% of females at the race! I would not have known I was capable of achieving these results if not for this training plan! I highly recommend giving this plan a go!

  5. Mark (verified owner)

    What attracted to me was the running by effort concept. I’ve struggled to hit paces I should be able to hit during previous training cycles but once I ran by effort (following the detailed effort guide) I was able to hit the paces but also go even quicker. That gave me so much confidence going into race day.

    Following these plans I have run a PB and felt liberated as I was not constantly checking my GPS during the race. I’ve purchased the other plans and will see what the effort based training brings.

    Support is there in the closed FB group if you have any questions and the plans are flexible enough for when work, family and other issues mean skipping a run or moving around a workout.

  6. Miriam (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about this plan! It is ideal for anyone wanting to
    move to next level in their running. I entered as a half marathoner running 25mpw, and doing regular speedwork. I took 1 month to ramp up to 30 mpw, then a week off completely before training. Results: I went from 2:03:51 in 2017 to 1:55:52 in 2018, same hilly course. 15 weeks of dedicated training with this plan.

    This plan is like a manual too. It has so many resources and useful information. It will elevate your running and your understanding of endurance running as a whole. The effort scale philosophy also really builds confidence and trust in yourself and what you are capable of. From someone who improved almost 8 minutes and crushed a barrier, I highly highly recommend this plan!

  7. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I did the half marathon plan last fall. It was refreshing to run by feel rather than pace. I returned to running earlier in the year and did a half marathon on my own. I struggled during the race and ended up hurt. I tried Tina’s plan for my second half marathon and not only did I get a PR, but felt great during training and the race. Run by feel is the only way I run anymore. I will be using the half marathon plan again for this fall.

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