Why Your Best Is Never Good Enough

Now I have had many great guests on the podcast before but the podcast episode with Dr Bhrett McCabe was one of the most eye-opening podcasts I have ever recorded. He said so many things that were so applicable to us all, to every single one of us, regardless of what stage of life we…
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12 Ways to Deal With Injury Depression

Honesty, Mental Training
For many runners all over the US (and potentially the world), the Boston marathon is the pinnacle of their racing lives. Hitting a BQ is the ultimate goal. Although I have not raced the Boston Marathon (edit: I have now ran the Boston Marathon ­čÖé ), when I achieved my number one running goal of…
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Don’t Let Social Media Be Toxic to Your Confidence

We are in a connected world. I have a few friends who do a great job at staying away from almost all of it, but the rest of us, we are constantly looking at our phones, computers, screens, and we are addicted to┬áchecking social media ALL. THE. TIME. I also worked as the Community Manager…
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