Running for Real Marathon Training Audio Series

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The Running for Real Marathon Training Audio Series is the place to go to find all the information you could need to be successful in your next marathon. Whether you want to know how to run a faster marathon or just learn to actually enjoy it, this series contains six interviews and over five hours of listening with some of the best marathon experts in the industry, like Ben Rosario and Amby Burfoot. This series will help you understand how to run a negative split, train smarter, and train for hilly courses. You will learn the best marathon training and racing advice available, and get a 17 page marathon training guide with suggestions, resources, workout ideas to find answers to all those questions you have been wondering about.

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3 reviews for Running for Real Marathon Training Audio Series

  1. daniwelch9

    I LOVE this series. I’m training for my first marathon presently, and the first two episodes have been so great for calming my nerves and helping me refocus on enjoying the journey. It’s wonderful to have so much good advice all in one place. Looking forward to the other podcast series. 🙂 Thanks, Tina!

  2. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this series! This fall I ran my first marathon. I purchased both the marathon series and the mental training series. During my buildup and the start of my training, I listened to the marathon series. It helped me get a sense of what training would be like as well as what to expect on race day. It helped me tremendously, because there was no anxiety of not knowing… the guests all had great insight to share! From fueling, pacing, race day readiness…these episodes covered everything and more!

  3. lindakehagias (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this Marathon Podcast series!!! I’m preparing to start my second marathon training cycle and this has given me a lot of insight on what I did right in the past and what I need to change to keep on getting faster and better myself:) I always listen to the regular podcast, but as my main focus is Marathon training this series is such a gift, with an incredible lineup of guests!!!

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