Finding the right nutrition for running advice can be confusing.

Sort through all the "what to eat before running" jargon out there. Create your running nutrition plan by listening to the the Running for Real Nutrition for Runners Podcast Series.

What to eat for running. Should be a simple question, right? Food gives us energy, we need energy to run fast. Therefore if you eat, you will run better.

If only eating healthy were that easy, especially with all the different opinions out there. It can be overwhelming and confusing. There is one thing all the running nutrition experts agree on; you have to find your best diet, and that one will be different to everyone else.

Rather than bouncing from website to website, this series gives you a place to learn from the best running nutrition experts in the industry, like Matt Fitzgerald and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, along with recipe ideas from New York Times Bestseller, Elyse Koepecky to figure out your best way to eat for running.

Take the first step to feeling good on your runs. No more stomach upsets, runner trots, and feeling exhausted before you even start. This series will give you everything you need to know. Download the Running Nutrition Series today!

This series includes:

5+ hours of audio content

  • Interviews with experts in performance nutrition for runners, giving you advice to eat healthy and run well
  • Listen on the go, in your car, or while you are cooking dinner!

6 episodes packed with advice for runners wanting to eat healthier 

  • Each episode focuses on a specific healthy diet with advice on how to make changes to help your body
  • Easy to navigate and find the information you need

Running Nutrition guide to give you recipes ideas, tips for eating well on the go, and advice for busy runners

  • Detailed, easy-to-use guide with bullet points from interviews
  • Additional resources and useful product discounts

Your questions the Nutrition Series will answer:

Eating healthy as a runner

  • What are some good recipe ideas for runners?
  • How do I know if I am eating enough for my training?
  • What is intuitive eating?
  • There are so many temptations all around, how can I avoid eating bad foods?
  • Which foods are the worst for runners?
  • What are the best recovery foods for runners?
  • I have such a sweet tooth, I can’t stop myself eating sweets!

How to burn fat for fuel

  • Why runners need fat in their diets (and no, eating fat will not make you fat!)
  • How long does it take for your body to adapt to burning fat?
  • How to eat a higher fat diet while eating out
  • Amenorrhea in female runners and why fat helps

Racing weight for runners

  • How to find the right weight for you
  • Can I lose weight by running?
  • I feel like my extra weight is slowing me down, how can I lose weight?

Racing nutrition

  • When should I start eating really healthy for my next race?
  • What should I eat before a race or run?
  • How much fuel should I be taking on during a race?
  • How does carb loading work?
  • How do I avoid bonking in races?

How do our diets differ to elite runners and other cultures?

  • Is there a best diet?
  • What do elite runners eat?
  • What do the best runners do differently for their eating habits?

Featuring these nutrition experts:

Take it from them:

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Beginner runner podcast series host Tina Muir

Hi, I am Tina, the founder of Running for Real. I am a 2:36 marathoner, 1:13 half marathoner, and have run for Great Britain twice in European and World Championships. Although I am now putting my running career on hold as a new mother, I still want to do what I can to help others with their running goals.

I host the Running for Real Podcast, which comes out every Friday, and I created the Running for Real Community, which has been very successful in building relationships and friendships with runners all over the world. If you are struggling with injuries, you will LOVE it there!

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