Hi mamas (and mama’s to be!).

Throwing this together very fast and sporadically, but that’s running for real, right? I am currently enjoying time with my 1 month old daughter Chloe and 2 year old daughter, Bailey. I wanted to get this to you, especially while it was fresh in my mind. I will create a PDF cheat sheet for it as soon as I can, but I can’t promise I will have that before you have your baby. I am taking my maternity leave seriously! I hope you do the same and take some time off after baby!

I have recorded a VoiceOver to the original video, explaining what I am doing, but you may want to google these exercises to get an expert to explain them again. I am not a certified coach, this is just me sharing something that has worked for me, with you.

So here you go:

3 Sets of Each

Bird Dog x 5 per side (build up to 10 per side), hold for 3 seconds each rep

Side lying leg extension (not the correct name, but it’s what I’m calling it) x 20 per side

Step off third step to stick landing x 5

Pull apart (band) x 15

Single leg RDL (add twist if too easy) x8 per side

Push up incline on step early in pregnancy/knee push up later in pregnancy  x 8

Step up with laundry detergent in each hand x 6 per side

Waiter walk carry x 50 steps per side

And as I said in the video, I have some resources for you below. I created this 39 page pregnancy and postpartum guide, which has a LOT of good information for you, but here are some other people to check out who I have personally worked with (and contributed to the pregnancy and postpartum guide):


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Pelvic Rehab website

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Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you give it a try!