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The Running for Real Strength Training Program is the first comprehensive, runner specific individualized training plan that uses an assessment of your movement through video analysis to provide you with a strength training plan tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses. We build your runner body from the ground up, starting with how to breathe correctly, use mobility, and soft tissue work to create a place where your body can strength training effectively and efficiently to make a stronger, resilient, injury free runner. Our plan comes with quick response to your questions through our Strong Stars Facebook group and modifications to your plan if needed. This is the first plan out there taking a holistic approach, but also taking you into mind; your racing, your training, your life, to create the ideal plan for you and your goals.

Why should I purchase the monthly plan?

For runners who would rather split the cost over a 6 month period, members are provided four 6 week training plans instead of one, giving them additional experience learning from Drew and Tina as to how to create the perfect strength training plan for their body. This plan is ideal for runners who are focusing on strength training for the first time, and have not done any work on breathing correctly or mobility. This plan gives step by step guidance for 6 months compared to 6 weeks, at the end of the 6 months, the entire video library in addition to the other perks of being a strength training member will be available for the remainder of the two year plan. Monthly members can also continue their individualized training for the remainder of the two year plan for $50 a month after the 6 months are over.

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