I am honored and excited to be sponsored by Tracksmith, and would love to give you a little background on why this partnership excites me so much. It will also show you just how genuine they are.

In 2019, I went to Boston for the first time to run the Boston Marathon. I had heard about this local Boston brand who were making these quality running clothes. I had seen so many photos of runners RAVING about them. I was curious what the big deal was.

While in Boston, I decided to host a meetup, and a friend suggested the Tracksmith store as they were all about helping runners and supporting the running community in any way they could. COOL! I had about 50 runners show up that day, waiting patiently in line to meet me. What an honor!

Turns out Tracksmith were impressed by that, as was I with the way they did business. They have a dedicated space for runners to meet and connect WITHIN their store. Valuable space that could have been used for their products, but they felt it was more important to support the community.

I also had a sneak peek at their running clothes, and I had to agree, these were REALLY nice quality. Clearly, a lot of thought had gone into them.

Tracksmith and I parted ways until early 2020, when we connected again. After speaking to some of the employees at Tracksmith, it was clear that we were on a similar path with what we wanted to give the running community. I started running in their apparel and just LOVED it. So we made it official, and here we are.

They don’t just care about supporting me though.  CLICK HERE and you can get $15 off your order of $75 or more by visiting this link and using code TINA15

I have put some of my favorite items below, so if you are struggling to decide, you have my recommendations! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Check these out!

Harrier Long Sleeve

It keeps you warm when the run starts brisk and cool as things heat up. Moisture-wicking, it dries sweat in a flash. Best of all, it resists odors even if you wear yours around the clock…. or am I the only one who always finds a few things I must do first before I shower post run?  Go get it here.

Twilight Tank

No one does luxury performance like the Italians. So when we needed a lightweight and luxurious fabric for running fast, we turned to Borgini, the masters of technical knitwear, to craft our Bravio Blend. Designed for when the temperature spikes, the Twilight Tank is breathable, moisture-wicking and feels incredibly cool against your skin. Its reinforced double stitch construction adds durability, while stretch gussets at the sides and an inverted arc back yoke allow freedom of movement. Silky soft with high speed stretch, this tank is workout and race day ready. Go get it here.

Horizon Tank

There’s nothing like the soft, worn-in feeling of a cotton tank. But cotton and sweltering miles don’t always mix. Tech fabrics offer lightweight, wicking performance but can feel stiff and tacky. Made from a drirelease fabric, the Horizon Tank combines the comfort of cotton with the weightless, quick-dry properties of polyester. The result is a sophisticated tank that’s soft and wicking; durable and whisper light. Go get it here.

Session Shorts

The brief for the Session Shorts was to craft a fast-feeling, lightweight knit short that could handle plenty of repeat wear. Coming in at a not-too-long, not-too-short 3.25” inseam, the shorts feature an exposed elastic waistband that sits snugly at the waist, while the inner liner features a raw hem for a barely there feel. A zip pocket on the right hip stores keys, credit cards or fuel. They’re made from Tracksmith’s Veloce Blend: an Italian four-way stretch knit with an extremely soft and silky feel that fits the body like a second skin and follows your every move. It’s also UV protective, breathable and highly moisture wicking. Go get them here.

Twilight Tee

An ultra-lightweight training tee that’s built to be a workout staple. The hard-working pieces in Tracksmith’s Twilight Collection were inspired by the summer tradition of twilight track meets: under-the-radar races that are perfect for testing your fitness. Designed for running hard in warmer temperatures, Twilight is made from Tracksmith’s light-as-air Bravio Blend: a unique Italian-made micro-mesh that’s silky soft, moisture-wicking and incredibly cool against your skin. Crafted in streamlined silhouettes with minimal trim, the Twilight Long Sleeve, Tee, Tank and Split Shorts let your kick, not your kit, do the talking. Go get it here.

Van Cortlandt Shorts

The Van Cortlandt Shorts strike the ideal balance between race-ready function and common good taste. Falling in the 2.5″ inseam sweet spot and made from a lightweight and antimicrobial fabric, these shorts are a simple, modern take on a running classic. Go get them here.

Turnover Tights

When it comes to body wear, runners need materials that fit close to the skin without restricting our range of motion. Tracksmith’s Turnover Tights use their Italian-made Inverno Blend. It’s specially knit with a smooth yet durable face that fends off light precipitation and a soft brushed back that provides a barrier between you and the fabric to improve temperature regulation and speed drying times. You’ve never felt a running tight like these before. Go get them here.