For any runner (elite or not), your support network is critical to your success and staying healthy. I am so thankful to have a great network of family, friends, professionals, and sponsors.

We decided to name my support network Team Ice Cream because they each have their role and unique personality, and I LOVE ice cream, so why not?

Think about who is in your team, solidify who they are now, so when crises happen, you are ready!

Here are just a few of the people who have helped me chase my dreams by keeping me healthy and strong:

Steve Picucci– Coach (and Husband/psychologist :P) AKA Vanilla

Drew Watts– Strength Coach -AKA Coffee

Evie Serventi– Mental Coach/Sports Psychologist- AKA Honeycomb

Dr. Mike Sullivan – Active Release Therapist/Chiropractor AKA- Graham Cracker

Dr Kyle Bowling– Sports Therapist/Dry Needling- AKA Cookie Dough

Max Prokopy– Biomechanicst/Form Expert- AKA Pistachio

Karen Keys- Massage Therapist- AKA Chai

Dr Stephen Pribut– Podiatrist- AKA Cotton Candy

Dr. Todd Nieder– DNS/Chiropractor- AKA Mint Choc Chip

Dr. Grindel- Sports Medicine Physician

Tim Glover- Athletic Trainer

Brad Plummer- Mentor/Coach from afar

And these are the wonderful companies who support me and Running for Real, I am sure they would love to support you too!

Generation UCAN is my fuel of choice for my races. You do not have to worry about it upsetting your stomach, and it helps sustain your blood sugar levels better. I LOVE it in my recovery bowl too. Here is more on why I love Generation UCAN (and how I am using it in my races). Use coupon code RUNNING4REAL for 15% off.

I really care about what food I put into my body, and BodyHealth has the products to help me perform, without filling my body with junk. PerfectAmino helps me get the most out of my workouts, and it will help you too! Use coupon code TINA10 for 10% off. Here is more on why I love Body Health

I never thought I would like headphones that sit outside of your ear, but boy oh boy, I was wrong! I love the fact that I can feel safe, hear my music and podcasts clearly, and best of all, feel so comfortable with them on. I barely even notice they are there! You can get $50 off your Aftershokz Bundle at

I never used to think about my safety while running, but now I know how naive that was. Run Angel is a wearable that sends out an alarm as loud as a rock concert and alerts your loved ones with the push of a button. Get 10% off with coupon code running4real at

Staying on top of your blood markers means that you can keep on top of fueling with the right foods. Inside Tracker helps me to see where I can improve. Use my coupon code tinamuir for 10% off. Here is more on why I love Inside Tracker.