Thank you!

You are IN!

Welcome to Mile 20 Mental Training to Win Your Own Race with Tina Muir.

I am very excited you have taken this step toward staying in the pain box instead of caving to it.

Now, I will be sending you an email within an hour with instructions to tell you what is next, but if you would like to log in and check it out beforehand, you can log in here.

When i do email you, would you mind replying to that email, telling me:

  • How many days away your race is (so I know when to check in with you)
  • What goal race you are shooting for
  • What the date of that race is

If you think you might forget or end up down some other rabbit hole in the meantime …because you know, we have the memory of a goldfish nowadays, you can send me an email now by clicking here to email me with that information about your race above.

If you have any questions about the program or your training, let us know in the Mental Training For Runners facebook group, or email me

Thanks for trusting in me, Excited to help you on your way to your cheshire cat smile finish line moment!

Tina Muir