Thank you for trusting us with your training.

Have you ever wondered how runners paced themselves so well? How they knew how to run even splits the entire way through a race without looking at their watch?

We are going to teach you how to run by feel, and you are going to be able to run your best in every race from now on.

YOU will become the person everyone is jealous of, oh wise one!

Now, head over to the Running for Real All Stars Facebook Group to get exlusive, priority access to me (Tina), Steve, Drew, and Evie! We will be helping you with your questions, and happy to help you in any way possible to achieve your very best on race day.

As a little extra bonus gift, you get this free sample pack from Generation UCAN (my favorite racing fuel) by clicking this link:

I will be partnering up with other companies, and you will always get first offer to those freebies, so stay tuned for future benefits!

If you have any questions about the program or your training, let us know in the facebook group, or email me

Excited to help you on your way to your cheshire cat smile finish line moment!