I am honored and excited to be sponsored by Janji. I would strongly recommend checking out their story here. These are some of my favorite items from Janji.

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Check these out!

I love these shorts, and with their latest collection, the Mexico line, I love the pattern even more.

Find them here

This singlet is so LIGHT and comfortable, it is PERFECT for travel, and the patterns are so unique in the Cambodia collection.

This one is unisex, so everyone can wear it.

Find it here.

This sports bra is comfortable and supportive enough to wear on its own. It is my go to. This is from the Cambodia collection, and the pattern is just gorgeous!

Find it here.

These were the Janji tights that caught your attention, I love them and you will too.

Find them here.

Because everyone knows I love to run in hats.

Find it here.