You know those running blogs, Instagram feeds, or Facebook posts that show a perfect life? All they show is how amazing they feel on every run, how great they are, and just how they have the BEST LIFE EVER!

This is NOT one of those blogs.

Life is not the sunshine and rainbows that most people show the world. Every runner, from an Olympian to a first-timer, goes through the same doubts, fears, confidence issues, and setbacks that you do.


Join us as part of the Running for Real community, runners who can be honest, supportive, and REAL with one another.

Of course we share the good, those incredible moments where everything clicks and we celebrate one another, but we also support and build each other up in moments of anxiety and sadness.

I hope you will find this community useful to help build your confidence in who YOU are, and to feel good about yourself, rather than bad (like social media often makes us feel). We are all out there together, fighting those mental demons. Be Brave. Be Strong. Be YOU!

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