Photoshoot with Photocyclone Fall 2016

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to work with Peter Chiapperino, aka PhotoCyclone, who did a photoshoot with me at Veterans Park, Lexington.

This weekend (or last weekend by the time you read this), I am in Bloomington, IN with some family friends, and I wanted to make the most of it, so I thought I would share these with you.

I really hope Saucony uses them in the future, but even if not, I am excited to have them. Peter is SO talented, and I can’t wait for many more photos in the future!

Tina Photocyclone 1

tina photocyclone 2

tina photo cyclone 4

tina photo cyclone 5

Introducing the new Freedom ISO from Saucony, I am extremely fortunate to have a pair early, and they are wonderful! You can pre order them on the website too 🙂

tina photo cyclone 6

tina photo cyclone 7

tina photo cyclone 8

Peter: Do some stretches you would usually do

Tina: uhhhhh……*looks around*……well, sometimes I do this (I am pretty bad at stretching more than my calf, hamstrings, and hips)

tina photo cyclone 9

And just one with my gorgeous hubby (who drove straight to meet us after his conference meet and a 6 hour drive!!)

tina photo cyclone 10

I am happy with them, and had a lot of fun…..although its tough to concentrate on landing on a particular spot, while trying to smile! Modeling is hard 😉

Those of you who get lots of those beautiful running shots with your iPhone, kudos….I can’t do it.

Oh, and remember, you can use my coupon code TINA at Saucony for 10% off!

Follow Photocyclone for future pics of yours truly 🙂

Thinking about changing my profile picture in my social media to the featured photo for this post (hands on hips photo), thoughts?

photographer, saucony

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