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My goal with this podcast is to help, educate, and inspire. There are a lot of running podcasts out there, and it is motivating to hear elite runners and successful people talk about their goals and dreams, but that motivation can be fleeting, then what are we left with? Our own fears and doubts, the voice in our head that can be cruel and tell us we are not enough.

I want to change that with this podcast.

Firstly I will bring on experts from all around the running world. You will hear from sports psychologists, doctors, scientists, dietitians, elite runners, strength training coaches, running form experts, and of course, everyday runners with inspiring stories, because they matter too. I will get those guests to share their #Running4Real moments and struggles with us all. We love to hear about the highs and how exhilarating it feels to reach your dreams, but it’s also nice to hear they are human, that they are real.

My second goal with the podcast is to give you actual takeaways. Things you can use in your training, in your life to be a better runner, but more importantly, a better person. To keep growing and learning. The Running For Real podcast brings on guests from every walk of life, and we often tackle “delicate” subjects that are rarely talked about, to remind us all, that we are not alone.

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Daryl Murphy: Protesting For Justice With Running – R4R 222

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Jacob Puzey: You Don’t Have To Have All The Answers – R4R 221

Importance of Female Role Models Jacob grew up surrounded by three strong sisters and mother. From a young age, he saw them as role models of strength and courage. Today, as a father to four daughters, Jacob says he knows he’s not someone his daughters can aspire to be because they’ll always see him as…
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You can unsubscribe anytime, I will cherish your email, no spam from this girl!