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Lindsey Hein, is the podcast host of the “I’ll Have Another” Podcast. Lindsey and I cover being runner moms, running while pregnant and restarting post delivery, and the timing of having your kids. The main focus of this podcast is a discussion about how you might want to start your own podcast on a subject that most interests you and how to grow it. We go over how Lindsey came up with the idea for her podcast, how she researched the style of other podcast hosts to learn how she wanted to build her interviewing style. Listening to different styles teaches you a lot about how different hosts have changed and matured over the years. If you have wanted to grow your personal social media presence, this episode is full of tips that you can use as you follow your dream.

Today’s Guest

Lindsey Hein is a mom runner of three little boys with another little boy on the way. With all of that she finds time to also act as an RRCA Certified running coach and the producer and host of the “I’ll Have Another” podcast series. Lindsey began running Cross Country in high school at the urging of a friend. She has run 13 marathons and a Half Ironman Triathlon. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and growing family.

What you will learn about:

  • Does Lindsey find having multiple children adds to the chaos in her house as each one is added or does it get easier?
  • How her sons reacted when they learned the new baby on the way was another boy
  • How running has changed with each pregnancy and her advice for other women trying to run while expecting. Did she feel pressure to keep running with each baby? How to find alternative ways to manage the stress that running used to help you deal with.
  • How Social Media gets in our heads and drives our behavior rather than trusting ourselves to do what works for us.
  • How her podcast has become more running focused over the years but is a place for casual conversations with people she is interested in learning about.
  • How to get over being nervous when interviewing guests. Focus on what you think your listeners want to hear from this person and what you want to learn from them.
  • How to find your focus, learn from others, and doing what brings you joy. You need to be in the moment.
  • How Lindsey loves meeting her guests but truly loves connecting with her audience. How it is a special feeling to know that people are appreciating her passion. The people are the best part of this job.
  • Shamelessly reach out to people you want to have on your show or who you think your guests want to hear from. Be persistent. But make it a personal request, it has to be individualized and genuine.
  • Be consistent, if you say your podcast will be out on a given day of the week, make sure you honor that. Even if it means a solo episode.
  • Lindsey tells us the favorite things she has learned from some of her guests.

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Inspirational Quotes:

We think that time is passing us by but for many of us, our fastest times are a bit later in our life. Take the pressure off and know that your hard work does pay off.

We are all unique and need to focus on our own life and not compare. Just do you.

If you are going to start a passion project, you just have to start it, not worry about whether it will make you money. Hone in on your passion.

Don’t let one specific passion define your life. it is what you do, not who you are.


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