Meatless Monday- Italian Summer Vegetable Salad

Ooooohhh I have so much to tell you all about UVA! I have actually already written my recap….it might be a 2 part post, as I have SO much to say. I wrote it on the drive back, so I could remember as much as I could. It was an incredible experience, you are going to love it!

BUT, today, as always is Meatless Monday, and so you will have to wait a few more days to read the recap. If you REALLY want to read about UVA, you can go back and read about my previous visit to the Speed Clinic. It was even better this time!

On to today…..

You know I have been trying to make as much as I can from home, well, this includes salad dressings. Steve is probably missing his dear old processed ranch terribly, and although I have made ranch with greek yogurt, I can admit it does not taste the same, BUT at least we know what is going into our bodies this way, rather than some gross chemical that those brands use.

Either way, Steve asked me for an italian dressing, and I made one, and this is it. It tastes Meatless Monday Buttongreat, but there is one problem…..all the herbs sit at the top. No matter how much I shake it around, they are back at the top within a microsecond…..I guess that is why they tell you to make it 2 tbsp at a time on the recipe. It just means you have to make it up as you go, which is fine, but just funny trying to get it to mix….I am sure someone reading this has some insight into why that is 🙂

Anyway, I tried it on this salad, and it was delicious, we loved it, hopefully you will too! Join Confessions of a Mother Runner and I for Meatless Monday? You should!

This italian dressed summer vegetable salad by elite runner Tina Muir is a great meatless meal to get everything you need to fuel your training.

Italian Summer Vegetable Salad

Serves: 6 as a side dish

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


2 tsp oil

1 Rutagbaga, peeled, and cut into 1 inch blocks

2 roma tomatoes, diced

3 cups kale

1/2 cup sweetcorn

4 mushrooms, sliced

1/2 zucchini, sliced

1/2 summer squash, sliced

2 carrots, peeled, and sliced into 1/4 inch circles

1/4 cup black beans

1/2 green pepper, cored, and diced

All Recipes Italian Seasoning (using 1 tbsp with 1/8 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup oil, and 1 tbsp water)


Place the rutabaga into a medium saucepan. Cover with water, and a sprinkle of salt, and heat on high until the water is boiling. Cover, and turn down to a simmer. Cook for 15-20 minutes, until rutabaga is soft. Drain the water, and set aside.

Meanwhile, heat 1 tsp oil in a sauté pan. Add the zucchini and summer squash slices. Heat over a medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side, until cooked through. Remove from the pan. Add another 1 tsp oil, and add the kale and mushrooms. Stir continuously for 5 minutes, until both are soft.

Add the rutabaga, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms and kale into a large bowl. Allow to cool. Once cooled, add the tomatoes, carrots, sweet corn, green pepper, and black beans.

Mix the seasoning together in a mason jar and shake well. Pour onto salad. Either serve, or can be made ahead of time.

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What was your highlight of your weekend? Will you share some of your favorite homemade salad dressings with us?