Cocozia Review

I love following the latest trends within the food world, and one trend that has taken the food world by storm in recent years is coconut. Cocon81Fq3ZQVNCL._SL1500_ut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, sugar…..I could go on. It seems everything recently has coconut in it! One coconut trend I was not too convinced on was coconut water. When I tried it a few years ago, as much as I wanted to (and expected to) like it, it was just not what I expected. I put it out of my mind, until Diana from Cocozia contacted me about trying their coconut water.

I was intrigued, and figured it was time to give it another try. Coconut water is a fantastic alternative to water, and I like to do all the little things I can to make sure I can perform to my best. Cocozia provided me with complimentary product to try, but my opinions are my own.

Cocozia Coconut Water is about as natural as a drink can come….unless you have the desire to . It is 100% organic, and comes right from the source; from inside an exotic coconut! It is also NON GMO certified so you can rest easy that your product is safe.

Coconut water is great for athletes, or anyone who works out as it is a natural way of replacing electrolytes. Packed with potassium and magnesium, you can drink this without worrying about what long term damage it could be doing to you. For only 70 calories, you can enjoy a big carton, and it is easy to carry around in your bag for post workout.

To be IMG_5868honest, I am not a huge fan of the taste of coconut water on its own, but I have not jumped on the coconut train as much as others, so I may be a little hard to please. However, I really do love the benefits of drinking coconut water, and it was easy to drink, so I would be happy to continue using it as a training tool.  I found the most enjoyment with Cocozia in my post run smoothies. That way I could kill two birds with one stone by replenishing electrolyes lost through sweat AND refuel with the power of oats and greek yogurt.

Cocozia has recently come out with new flavors including refreshing mango, tropical pineapple, booster coffee, and everyones favorite; chocolate. Although I have not tried these flavors, I am sure they will be a big hit! I will be on the lookout for the mango and pineapple, as those are two of my favorite fruits. The only downside I have against Cocozia was that I was not so sure about the taste on its own, with other flavor combinations, I am sure they will be not only wonderful for electrolyte replenishment, but also for their wonderful flavor!

If you are a coconut lover, and are bored of the taste of water, Cocozia is definitely for you! Look out for them, and know you are looking after your hydration, the natural way!

My parents arrive in America today! They will be here to stay with Steve and I next week, so I am very excited to show them around. Training has started back up again, and will do an update/whats next post sometime next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Do you like to drink coconut water? What do you find refreshing after a workout?